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this not a paid endorsment
By: Gene Metts    (Apr 28, 2014)

This oysters were great if you want to eat some good oysters . I say try.m you will definitely be satisfied. We eat a few raw then we attacked them after we started steaming them . Will definitely order again thanks G

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Persistence pays off for Greg's Forbidden Oysters
By: Mark Gibbons    (Mar 20, 2014)

After hearing about the struggles which a successful realtor that I knew growing up was having, I became interested in sampling these forbidden oysters. Well I must say his persistence has paid off. These wonderful gems were eagerly enjoyed by our friends here in North Carolina, and all agreed these were the tastiest oysters they had ever had. One who said she did not eat oysters after having them once before kept coming back for more saying these were delicious. I have had fresh oysters from Down East, the Low Country and the Panhandle. Chesapeake Bay oysters were my absolute favorites until these York River delicacies. They were sweet, salty and succulent to say the very least. Greg, thanks for your persistence in harvesting these beauties and I look forward to having them at our next oyster roast. Cheers

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Outstanding Oysters
By: Derick Brundick    (Dec 23, 2013)

I saw a story in Garden and Gun magazine about your oysters. We started ordering oysters from the Chesapeake 5 years ago for pre-Christmas gathering of kids home from school. The quality from the area is always excellent. Your "Forbidden" oysters were top-of-the-line.; clean, meaty and salty. Opening them from the side was new for me, but once you found the sweet spot, they just popped open..

We'll be back.

Derick Brundick Jacksonville, FL

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You made us look good!!!
By: Tom Walker    (Dec 2, 2013)

We wanted to have an oyster roast for my brother-in-law this weekend. He frequently has oysters and oyster roasts back in Charleston and only buys when he doesn't have time to pick them personally. He was skeptical when I told him these might be as good as his.

To say he and our guests enjoyed Greg's oysters would be an understatement. Compared to the Low Country, he said these were cleaner, nearly as salty and had more flavor. The packaging was superior and not a single throw away. Just perfect. Can?t say enough.

Tom Walker Chesapeake, VA

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Absolutely live up to their hype!
By: Blake Dunlevy    (Nov 21, 2013)

As a good Marylander, I have eaten oysters as far back as I can remember. My first oyster came at age 3 when my dad introduced me to the sea's most wonderful delicacy. Since that time I have had them from all over the world and have loved every second of it.

When my dad told me recently that he had found an oyster that would absolutely shoot to the top of my favorites list I was more than a little skeptical. Ready to temper my dad's excitement and put him back a notch, I ordered 100 FORBIDDEN's for our annual 'Pre-Thanksgiving' feast (a running tradition amongst my close friends).

They came the next day and of course I ripped into them the first second I could. I cracked about 6 of them and sat down to, what turned out to be, some of the most delightful oysters I can ever remember. They truly do live up to the hype; they are sweet, clean, and perfectly meaty. The resulting phone call to my father can be summarized this way 'dad, you were right; those are some mighty fine oysters!'

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By: Steven Lee    (Nov 18, 2013)

My wife and I have never been disappointed when it comes to Forbidden Oysters. We ordered them for our Wedding and they were shipped fresh Next Day Air. They were so salty and savory that even people who had never had raw oysters before were hooked! We loved them so much that we continue to get Forbidden Oysters for special occasions and the Holidays. The customer service is five star. Greg is so personable and is truly cares about customer satisfaction. MUST TRY!

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By: Patrick Galleher    (Nov 15, 2013)

We ordered Forbidden Oysters for a company cocktail party and they exceeded all expectations. Guests were pleased with how fresh and flavorful the oysters were and all 200 were eaten throughout the night. We would definitely order them again.

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By: Mary Darden    (Nov 14, 2013)

The cleanest and sweetest oysters I've ever had. We had a delightful evening savoring each sampling. You'll be hearing from us again!

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