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Oysters and friends
By: michael dent    (Nov 14, 2013)

A casual gathering of seven friends exceeded all expectations. There are now 7 Forbidden Oyster devotees in North West Pennsylvania

Most were consumed raw, some grilled for 3 minutes with a mixture of butter, fennel and shallots, some as classic Oysters Tokyo and a small quantity as deep fried.

With unanimous acclaim all were judged as excellent for flavour and texture.

The raw oysters of course are #1. Closely followed by the oysters grilled in the butter, fennel and shallot mixture

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FORBIDDEN Oysters for our wedding - everyone LOVED them!
By: Warner Siebert    (Oct 22, 2013)

It is hard to describe in words how happy and fortunate I was to have found FORBIDDEN Oysters. Greg, Scott and everyone at FORBIDDEN Oysters. I grew up in Maryland and have been eating oysters since I was a kid. I met my wife at college in Ohio and we were married in a historic mansion outside of our college town (Granville, OH) this past weekend. We wanted to have a little "Chesapeake Bay heritage" involved with our wedding, so I stumbled upon FORBIDDEN after doing an extensive amount of online research.

Well, let's skip to the actual review. The oysters were absolutely delicious. Every time a tray was dropped at the Raw Bar, they would be devoured in seconds. I saw numerous people trying oysters for the first time and even they commented on their taste. In the end, our Raw Bar was a massive hit, definitely one of the highlights of our Reception... our guests were all raving about the oysters and everyone was asking, "Where and how did you get these from?" (knowing that we were in land-locked Ohio, known for their beef and not seafood). Now, that is a whole other story, but it just goes to prove why you should choose FORBIDDEN Oysters...

I was eagerly awaiting our UPS delivery the Friday before the wedding, however as the sun started to drop, I got nervous and called UPS. It turns out, UPS dropped the ball and they were lost. 400 precious oysters lost somewhere in Ohio and was informed that they would not be delivered until Monday. I frantically called Greg late on Friday afternoon and said, "Greg, is there any possible way we can get another shipment of 400 oysters here by tomorrow morning??" At first, the chances were looking slim and everyone, including Greg, was pessimistic.

However, about an hour later I received a call from Greg who said, "We got you covered." At 9am the next morning, I received a call from our caterer saying that our oysters had arrived.

FORBIDDEN Oysters was hands-down the best vendor that we worked with throughout our wedding. I could tell that Greg actually cared about the success of our wedding and he was confident in the experience that his oysters would create. Thank you for making our wedding day even more special, it honestly would not have been the same without those oysters.

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Too wonderful to ruin with cooking
By: CL Shotton    (Oct 19, 2013)

My husband and I have eaten sweet, coppery and metallic Olympia oysters in San Francisco; European flats with their sharp mineral taste in Paris as well as green tinged Marennes; cold salty Louisiana oysters in New Orleans; and Atlantic oysters from Bluepoints to Lynnhaven. We both agree that none of these delicacies can hold a candle to the palatial pleasure of York River Forbidden Oysters!!! They arrived on our doorstep less than 20 hours after they were shipped, packed in ice, still at a temperature of 40* They were as clean as though they had been power washed, not a grain of sand or grit, oyster liquor dripping as they were opened. And such a gastronomic delight!!! Plump sweet flesh with just the right amount of salt. Forbidden Oysters are our new favorites.

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Oyster Roast
By: bob mattis    (Jun 5, 2013)

Although we are in a summer month, we decided to have an oyster roast last Saturday here in Charlotte, NC. After doing some online research, we purchased 300 Oysters from Greg. All I can say is YUM! There was about 15 of us eating oysters, both raw and roasted. There were even a few who have never tried an oyster and loved them. Greg, if you are reading this, we will be back!!!

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Forbiddenlicious Oysters!
By: Lisa Tryon    (May 19, 2013)

I grew up on the East Coast eating fresh seafood my entire life. Five years ago I moved to West Virginia and never thought I would have fresh oysters again! I'm so happy I found Greg Garrett's Forbidden Oysters! They are the best tasting oysters I ever had. Thank you so much for delivering such a great feast, my mouth is watering just thinking of them! I definitely will be a repeat, highly satisfied customer!

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By: Sam Parker    (May 18, 2013)

Sweet, buttery ... just the right amount of saltiness.

We were first-timers with oysters. Ordered them a few days in advance of a small dinner party. Arrived as promised, nicely packed. We picked up 60 for about 8 people ... Rockefellered about 25 and ate the rest raw (some with lemon, some with mignonette). Looking forward to ordering more over the summer!

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Oyster Heaven!
By: Lori Tuton    (Apr 24, 2013)

Greg's oysters were sent promptly with great communication. Oysters were plump and buttery with a splash of salt. I will be a return customer. Thanks so much. Your Forbidden's are heavenly. Kansas City gal.

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Birthday Oysters
By: J.M. Snell    (Feb 18, 2013)

Greg suggested i get some of his oysters to celebrate my 50th and i agreed. his team made it easy to order with a very reasonable delivery fee. customer service was way above average. the oysters were fabulous. nice size and very favorful. good texture and not to saltly.

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