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Oysters in the Raw - Shall I be so brave!
By: Gary Hayden    (Jan 23, 2013)

Well my bravery paid off eating these oysters in the raw. And those that I have encouraged agree that cooking them is paramount to boiling a fine wine. These oysters are simply the best I have ever had. Eating them straight out of the shell is the way to go. I have encouraged the non-oyster eater to do the same, as I am generally, and they had the same experience. Oyster "lovers" would only be happier, Oysters , "I do not eat those" people- well they are surprised and ask for more. So have plenty when you order these, otherwise you may have a mutiny.

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Great Oysters and Spreading the Oyster Gospel
By: Charles Lucy    (Dec 26, 2012)

Greg The Forbiddens were AWESOME! We introduced some neighbors to Oysters for the first time and everyone loved them. We roasted all of them. Some were served natural (ungarnished). Others were served with fresh spinach, bacon and goat cheese; the rest were served with Roasted Red Pepper slivers and fresh Parmigian Reggianno. The oyster newbies seemed to like the garnished oysters the best. Later in the evening; we went to another neighbor's place and he also served your FORBIDDENS at his home. Some were steamed and some were done Rockefeller style. Our progressive dinner Christmas party was a FORBIDDEN OysterPaLooza! Thanks again and we will hope to buy some FORBIDDENs from you again sometime soon. All the best, Chas

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By: Tom Casella    (Dec 23, 2012)

 Greg First let me say being from Long Island home of the Blue point oyster and now living in Palm Beach county Florida I  don't have the luxury any longer of going to our local fish monger and buying such quality oysters all I can say is Wow absolutely Fantastic oysters ! I am hooked sweet body salty sea brine no condiments required! Nothing needed just naked Even friends and family who aren't oyster purests agree !! who could ask for anything more from an oyster, there is no going back to my tried and true blue points from L.I, thanks so much for the excellent service and the most delicious oyster I have consumed in my 55 years I almost feel like I'm sinning eating them now there's another reason to be called forbidden oysters Regards  Tom Casella A customer for life.

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Welcome to SF - Forbidden Oysters
By: Rory Haynie    (Dec 21, 2012)

This December a new oyster splashed into the mollusk scene down on the Embarcadero. The chic Waterbar lounge on San Francisco's waterfront introduced Forbidden Oysters to the delight of many local gourmets, myself included. If you're in the SF Bay Area I strongly advise you stop by during happy hour (before 6) and check out these oysters on the half shell.

The shell is medium sized yet the tender meat is larger than your average oyster. They have a nice buttery flavor and texture with a delicate hint of brine.

Moreover, when you buy from this farm you're supporting a family that isn't afraid to stand up for freedom against misguided legislation(hence the name 'Forbidden').

Thanks to everyone at the Garrett farm and keep up the good work,

Rory H. San Francisco, California

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Truly a culinary pearl
By: Leic Joy    (Dec 12, 2012)

The first time I tried Greg Garrett's forbidden oysters, my taste buds were amazed. I am a culinary professional working in the restaurant industry in Los Angeles, CA. I have tried many oysters from all over. I understand that each oyster is different and the terroir, just like in a fine wine, plays a large part in the greatness in flavor. Forbidden oysters are magical in the sense that they are well-balenced: just the right amount of salty and sweet, with a great creamy texture. I have not found a comparable oyster to these. I had a great opportunity to visit Mr. Garrett's oyster farm. This beautiful farm is well-maintained and truly handled with love and care. Scott, the oyster farmer, is extremely knowledgable about the art and understanding of harvesting oysters, and he works so hard! I did not get to meet Mr. Garrett, as he is a hard-working and busy individual, but his wife Libby was so sweet and hospitable as I toured their family farm. As a culinarian, it is always a major concern that our ingredients, especially seafood are maintained in a clean and well-maintained environment. After visiting the farm, I am confident in saying that forbidden oysters are truly a culinary gem. They are some of the most flavorful oysters, I have ever tasted, and the farm is cleanly maintained with love and respect for the oysters. So don't forbid your tastebuds from trying Greg Garret's family oysters! Don't just take my word for it, shuck some and find out!

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Love Greg's Forbidden Oysters!
By: Don Streater    (Dec 3, 2012)

Jane and I have appreciated oysters in a lot of places in the US, moving around in the Air Force. No kidding, Greg's oysters are right there at the top of the pile! Plump, sweet, and just the right amount of salinity. We knocked down a whole lot on the shell, then shucked the rest for an awesome oyster stew. Greg, we'll be back for more many times. Uhhhh, do we need to sneak in at night to avoid being arrested??? Don Streater, Brig Gen, USAF (ret.)

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Incredibly Fresh Oysters
By: Aliya Carter    (Nov 29, 2012)

I ordered 120 oysters and I was pleasantly surprised that Greg included oysters of all different sizes. It is rare that farmers will do this and it was fantastic for the holiday. We had some raw, others we grilled and I even did an oyster stuffing with the last bit. The oysters were very fresh, incredibly firm with a nice bite. I really enjoyed the sweetness at the end and there was a lot of the briny liquid that I love in the shells. (But the oysters are pleasantly mild) This will be one of my go-to companies for fresh oysters.

Also to note, Greg was incredibly friendly and prompt in answering all my questions. I order oysters direct from farmers on both the east and west coasts and I will definitely be recommending Forbidden Oysters.

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By: Dan Johnson    (Nov 28, 2012)

That's what I'm talking about. These are the bomb. Want a watery,tastless oyster then look elsewhere. Ordered 10 doz for Thanksgiving. Arrived in Central Pa next day in great shape, shipping costs reasonable. Meaty,brineyjuicey,deep cupped perfection. Be careful shucking as shells can be soft, as some Chesapeake oysters tend to be. Thanks for these gems, I'll be back soon.

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