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The Garlic Farm
By: Marc    (Mar 4, 2013)

This place is so much more then the absolute best garlic you might find. Okay, the garlic isn't priced as the Chinese junk that you buy in the supermarket but the incredible flavor makes it worth any price. The tomatoes, be they the the Herlume or the commercial (kinda insurance) variarties are absolutely wonderful. When it comes to the chilis, peppers, leeks and onion, again the flavors, textures so out perform anythin you might get at a Grocery Store. Go and seek out this bounty!

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The Garlic Farm Is GREAT!
By: Maureen Brouillard    (Feb 28, 2013)

We were first time CSA members in 2012 and we LOVED the Garlic Farm! The produce was tremendous, the quality was spectacular, the quantity was bountiful, and Everyone working on this farm was very helpful, accomodating, friendly and generous with their time and attention. Gary is terrific and very dedicated to growing and delivering the BEST PRODUCE. The GARLIC was OUT OF THIS WORLD - the absolutely best we have ever had. The Tomatoes were SO YUMMY, we could not believe it and could not get enough of them. Tomato Salads, Tomato Sandwiches, Tomato Everything. The Eggplant was Fabulous. We made Eggplant Parmesan that was just outstanding using both Eggplant and Tomatoes from the Garlic Farm. And you could NOT beat the Peppers anywhere at any price. AND they were all Pesticide Free and Naturally Grown. How can you possibly beat that combination? You CAN'T! We and several of our friends signed up AS SOON AS WE COULD for 2013. We urge people to join this CSA as quickly as they can as well! We are certain that you will LOVE it. It will be one of the best things you can do this year for your health. Healthy Eating and Living is Key for everyone. So, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and join.

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