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Wonderful Farm!
By:    (May 5, 2008)

I attended the Spring Festival at Wild Things Farm last weekend with a group of friends ranging from children to grandmothers, and everyone had a really great time, plus we came home with loads of fresh strawberries that we picked ourselves. My kitchen is full of the pleasant aroma of sweet fresh strawberries wafting from the dehydrator as I write...

Wild Things is owned and operated by an extended family who serve not only as resident farmers, but also as friendly, welcoming, and gracious hosts to young and old alike. It is obvious that much love and care has gone not only into the farm itself, but also into providing for the comfort and convenience of their guests.

Guests are made to feel very welcome, and everything you need is provided-- buckets to take into the fields to pick, boxes to take your produce home, and sturdy wagons to cart your haul through the fields and/or to your vehicle. The fields are well maintained, and the strawberries are sweet and delicious-- so much better than the ones from the grocery store.

Additional amenities make a visit especially nice, with animals for the children to pet and learn about, and the invitingly quaint gift shop and snack bar are welcome respites when you realize- as likely you will- that you'd never make it as a full time field laborer. (Being not as young as I like to believe, by the end of the day I was tired, but warm-fuzzy-happy-tired.)

And, on the practical side, there are clean toilet and wash up facilities conveniently available.

Really, all you have to do is get there-- everything else you need is already waiting for you. (Well, you might want to bring along some sunscreen and a hat-- some of us were a little pinkish by the end of the day...)

And, for anyone wondering (and who isn't these days), we found the pricing to be very fair and reasonable, all the way around.

Because it was the weekend of the Spring Festival, during our visit, there were also interesting booths with a range of crafts, plants, civic groups, and face painting (a big hit with the kids) which we all enjoyed, but Wild Things would be a fun outing any time. You just have to love a place where a group with an age range spanning seventy years can all have fun doing things together.

I tried to go with a four star rating on this review, ONLY because they use conventional rather than organic farming, but I just couldn't do it... it's just too nice a farm, run by too nice a family. As my friend-- also a advocate of chemical-free living-- said, "These aren't people who are feeding their own family anything I'd be too worried about." And you can be sure it hasn't kept me from eating so many strawberries that an attack of hives is probably imminent.

To tell the whole truth, I didn't want to write a review at all-- I'd just as soon keep this our own little secret, but after the wonderful experience we had, I can't help but want to see this lovely family farm succeed... I guess I'll just have to get there early. :)

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