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Best honey around you will love the sweet taste
By: Carol Wilson    (Jun 2, 2012)

I have had this honey and it is so great. Honey can be used for many medisamal uses. I used to get Royal Honey for my kids allergies. My Mother had crippling rheumatoid arthritis and would let my Grandfather use honey bees to sting her deformed, inflamed joints on her hand. This helped her. It is good to use locale honey even used on skin problems. A lot of people use honey for skin problems. Most of all some hot buttered biscuits and this honey is so good you can not stop eating it. My husband and I have taken it Ike one tbsp. of honey 1 -2 times a day.

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By: Ann Mwaura    (Jun 2, 2012)

This is some of the best home grown honey that I have had in our local area. I have been using it ever since I first discovered it when I heard about Brad & Elizabeth having thier own bee keeping operation. Ive tried other honey from this area and it just doesnt hold a candle to what they have. I believe that they are just blessed with a gift for doing this and its great that now others can have the pleasure of getting to try what I have been using for years!

Thanks, Ann Mwaura

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