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Natalie and Kevin
By: Kyla Sala    (Nov 23, 2014)

Hey guys! Thought of you because I always have such a hard time finding local farmers to get organic veggies. I remembered I had tried your tomatoes when you first started about 4 or so years ago and WOW----SO YUMMY! I am missing that very dearly!!!

Looked up y'alls name and all of these articles popped up about your business, I am so very sad to read this horrible news.:(:(:(:( I hope that you guys are finding the way to back up and running, this is such a bummer, I was just speaking to my boyfriend and about coming to see you guys to buy some vegetables..( we go to Fort Pierce quite frequently).. Hope you guys are well and I will look you up when i'm in town, moved to Sebring, FL from Fort Lauderdale, FL. So hopefully it will be after the holiday's---Hope you guys have a blessed Holiday Season, you are in my prayers. Best of luck in your endeavors - All the Best Kyla Sala

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Delicious organic produce provided by friendly farmers
By: Mila Curry    (Sep 5, 2013)

Congratulations to Vertical Horizon Farm!

1st place! Winning the award for INNOVATIVE FARMER OF THE YEAR 2013 by University of Florida!

I'm happy they are being recognized and appreciated for their innovative vertical, hydroponic growing system.

Why do I love Vertical Horizon Farm?

Because I can get local, organic, hydroponic produce that's delicious! Plus, it comes from the sweetest farmers, Natalie and Kevin.

They are so friendly and helpful. They always take care of their customers -- running to get extras of anything we need, informing us about their farm and hydroponics, keeping us up-to-date on seasonal produce. They are just wonderful! Highly recommended!

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