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Dont know so much about this one....
By: Pete Dubbs    (Jun 15, 2014)

Been a couple times. Get an eerie feeling about this place. The logo seems odd from the get go to me. Something fake about it.

I bought some steaks from them once and that was a horrible decision. If the reviews are true or untrue below, I dont think Im going back to find out.

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By: Ls Nb    (May 24, 2014)

Been coming here for a couple of years now. I have yet to be unhappy with anything I've purchased. From organic or yard eggs to steaks, to milk products, everything has been fresh and wonderful tasting. I rarely go to the "supermarkets" any longer! No need with a place like Calico Dairy near by. Only thing I would LOVE to see is some fresh local veggies available there. That would be fabulous!

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Lovely Dairy Farm
By: Jennifer Matney    (May 24, 2014)

I have been visiting Calico since late 2012 and I have never been disappointed. I recently moved very close to Calico, so I am excited to be able to visit more often. The raw milk is always fresh and tastes great. The butter is delicious, I highly recommend getting the butter!! I read a review below commenting about "raw" butter. Yes the butter is not raw, because it is illegal to be sold that way in Texas. However, you can purchase the raw cream that is sold at the dairy and make your own butter very easily. I recently brought my mom to the dairy when she was visiting from out-of-town and she purchased a roast. She said it was one of the best roasts she ever had in her life! The animals always seem happy and my kiddos love petting the goats & baby cows. The dairy has gotten a big following so some items do sell out fast, so get there early if you can!

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Skims the cream off the milk and lied about the raw butter
By:    (May 21, 2014)

I purchased some of their "Raw" goats and cows milk. I noticed on the outside of the cow's milk container, there was a small cream line but when opened, there was no cream and the milk did not taste creamy at all. I am aware that the milk should be left alone for 2 days for the cream to gather on the top.

I called the farm and spoke with a lady about why there was no cream on top and if the butter is raw/pasteurized. I was told they leave the cream intact and the butter is pasteurized. I said ok and hung up the call. I received a call from the owner 30 seconds later and he sounded very nervous when he called me back. He went off how it is illegal to sell raw butter in Texas even though I never had a problem buying raw butter before and he gave an explanation about why there was no cream on top. I spoke with the owner a week before inquiring about their products and he talked very happy and proud. I truly believe he is lying and I will not buy from then again.

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Pete Dubbs says:    (Jun 15, 2014)

how strange...I wont be going back.

Very Disappionted
By: Tori Jarrard    (Oct 11, 2013)

Like others, I was so excited about RAW milk being so close. At first, it was awesome (mid-2012). Later, I noticed that the owners were odd. Not eccentric, but just plain weird. Now I like odd people (boring "normal" people are not very fun!), but they just seemed odd in a bad way. I have a good sense about people. Sure enough, I began to notice that the owners talk to their employees like they were stupid. I don't like that, especially in front of customers.

I have also called in to hold milk twice, drove all the way out there only to find that they had given it away. They have horrible customer service. If they didn't want to hold it, then just tell me and I would not have come by. But what do you expect when you treat your employees like crap.

The owners also have this attitude that people who want the PUREST product are just wishful-thinkers. Please, don't advertise that you are ORGANIC/Grass-Fed and not be honest! Oh, and don't charge us $8-$12 dollars a gallon when it isn't the purest!

I finally just quit going. If they cannot be honest about things, is their RAW milk really a safe product? Not even going to risk it...

Please please please clean up your business, and I will come back!

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Very disappointed
By: Patty Cleason    (Mar 19, 2013)

This dairy is close to my house so I really wanted there products to measure up. I tried them several times and was disappointed every time. The owners are downright mean to their employees and I heard the owner more than once talking bad about their customers. They think that people who demand non-gmo food are a bunch of idiots.

I purchased meat there only to get it home and find out that it was from another state, and sold illegally. I have my doubts it was even grass-fed.

The dairy was grain feed which was not acceptable for the compromised health of my family.

My last straw was when I saw the owner loading up a large cart full of eggs at Sam's Club. I followed her to the dairy because it was on my way home. I went ahead and stopped by the dairy and sat in my car and watched as she unloaded the eggs from her car directly into the dairy. I left and never went back.

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Completely Disappointed....Won't make that mistake again
By: Kari Estes    (Mar 5, 2013)

I have purchased goat milk many times and the ground beef from Calico Dairy several times.I have no complaints about the taste and quality of the goats milk, but I do wonder what farm the milk truly comes from. The beef we have tried on several occasions. The first time I purchased 3lbs. of ground beef and thought it was great tasting had a very low fat content and couldnt wait to purchase more! The second time I purchased 6lbs. Of the supposably, grass/pastured/grain free ground beef and IMO the ground beef tasted exactly like the grocery stores most inexpensive ground meat that comes in a tube! MOST importantly, when i got home, I noticed the packages were not water tight sealed and labels were stamped "NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE" and no where could I find the inspection number. I was hugely disappointed!!!!! Won't make that mistake again!

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Wish they didn't feed their cows corn...
By: Mari Ann Lisenbe    (Mar 3, 2013)

I was excited to find a place selling raw milk so close to my home. I stopped in to check it out and buy some milk, but was saddened to see that they feed their cows corn. When I asked them about it, they confirmed that, yes they do feed corn and no it is not organic (which means they are feeding their cows GMO corn).

I see from their website that their grass is alfalfa, which is quite often also GMO.

I understand that it is difficult to get large milk production from strictly grass feeding your cows. However, when paying $8-10 a gallon, the milk needs to be truly grass-fed, and NOT from cows that are being fed GMO corn.

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