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Exceptional CESA experience with Sunny Sky
By:    (Apr 5, 2014)

Sunny Sky?s 19th year of preparation has already begun with Mark purchasing an abundant variety of seed for our bountiful shares for this coming season. In addition to the weekly shares, we also have opportunity for the veggie you pick days, the long season of cuttings of the beautiful flowers and spending time on the farm. Mark has so much knowledge to share and he welcomes us all to join in the farm work or just to walk among the meticulously tended crops. Thank you for the many years of our CESA membership and friendship. Sally Prideaux

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Best produce we've ever had! Miss it!
By: Kris Pethick    (Jan 17, 2014)

Last summer my husband and I joined Sunny Sky Farm, and it was the best summer of eating ever. Every pick up day was like getting a gift, we couldn't wait to open the box & find out what treats we received! We loved being introduced to new veggies like salad turnips (one of my favorites!), celeriac and many other delicious items. The greens from Sunny Sky are fabulous! Lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, making me hungry just writing this! The boxes were always full and extras were available if you wanted them. We learned how to eat seasonally, and it's been great. We froze what we could, it has been a glorious winter of chili and spaghetti sauce made with tomatoes that we froze. Made soup, potato leek & winter veggie with the root vegetables we received. We bought the storage share also, and are SO glad we did! Sunny Sky Farm carrots are amazing! We are eating the last of our potatoes, onions & squash, they have stored so well! Mark and his staff are so helpful too! Just great!

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Beautiful vegetables
By: Tamara Baker    (Aug 7, 2011)

Sunny Sky is a wonderful farm which produces delicious vegetables. I was a worker share there during college and looked forward to those days on the farm every week. My experience with Sunny Sky spurred my interest in continuing on in sustainable agriculture. I would highly recommend this farm to anyone living in the area.

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The Best I've Seen (And I've Seen a Lot)
By: Meagan McGoldrick    (Dec 16, 2009)

My husband and I were both worker shares on Sunny Sky Farm for 2 years. When we first picked up a flyer for SSF we had never even heard of a CSA before, but were instantly intrigued. After 2 wonderful seasons at Sunny Sky we left Wisconsin to apprentice full time on a CSA near Asheville, NC. During our apprenticeship we were able to experience the entire gauntlet of successes and shortcomings that are inherent to farming. We also toured 8 other small farms in the area and formed relationships with additional farmers who sold at market. The majority of farmers we were exposed to relied on a CSA for at least part of their income. While we were always grateful for for all the knowledge and insight we were gaining from the apprenticeship and these other farms, as the season went on it became more and more apparent what a truly remarkable job Mark Anderson was doing at Sunny Sky. Here is just a smattering of what makes his operation so exceptional:

- The astonishing assortment of produce. The first season was so exciting to me, having never had a number of the vegetables before. But what is even greater is that Mark grows countless different varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, etc. so CSA members are given an experience they could never get from a supermarket.

-The amount of food CSA members are given each week. My husband and I both cook often and were vegetarians, and our share allowed us to eat fresh, healthy meals all week long and still have extra to put up for winter. By the time the season ended our freezer was full of frozen peppers, broccoli, tomato sauce and salsa and our cupboards were packed with storage crops. I didn't have to buy produce until at least February and I don't even can.

-The price/value. Sunny Sky is definitely on the lower end of the CSA price scale, while simultaneously providing its members with an abundant amount of produce. Members can't go to the grocery store and buy that much organic produce for what their share would cost a week, and what is in the box is picked at the peak of ripeness so the quality is vastly superior to anything in the store.

- The absolute sense of community, which is, after all, what the C stands for in CSA. If a member simply wants to pay for a season and pick up their share each week, they can do that. But if they really want to know who grows their food, spend time on the farm, lend a hand in big group projects, interact with other members and families at a potluck, go out and pick their own flowers, and have an absolute blast at the farm harvest party, Sunny Sky will welcome them with open arms.

So many CSA members reap these benefits and much more, thanks to one experienced, hard-working, dedicated farmer who knows exactly what he is doing.

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Good food and good folks
By: Susan Zencka    (Sep 25, 2009)

This is our fourth year with Sunny Sky, and our second year as a worker family. We pick up boxes at the farm and bring them to our home which is one of the sites where families pick up their boxes, or more accurately, their boxes and bags and extra produce. For the last few weeks, there has been so much food that we have had a bag as well as a box, and also squash or melons in addition. I belonged to another CSA in Indiana, before moving to WI and joining Sunny Sky. We have found the quantity and quality of the vegetables to be excellent. We have loved the variety, and found it to be a significant improvement over our former CSA, in Indiana. The families that come to our home consistently exclaim over the abundance and variety of the food. But the food is not the only asset at Sunny Sky -- the folks are wonderful people, too. Mark has helped me load veggies into my car, has called me in advance to "warn" me when it was going to be a particularly abundant load so that we would bring the larger vehicle. They often provide extra veggies, so that families can get a little more of their particular favorites. And the people who come to our home to pick up their veggies are friendly, cheerful, and happy about the food we receive. Every week, our experience at the farm with Mark and his crew, at our home with other CSA members, and at the table with the produce -- it's a good experience that builds community as well as good health. Thanks, Sunny Sky!

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Beautiful Veggies
By: Annette Rasmussen    (Sep 24, 2009)

We have been a member of Sunny Sky CSA since it's 2nd year of existence. For more than 20 years prior I had a large garden myself but had more difficulty each year with critters eating my produce. We have greatly enjoyed the beautiful, tasty, wide varieties of vegetables produced by Sunny Sky. There are only 2 of us, both hearty vegetable eaters, and after the first few boxes each year (early lettuces, onions, incredibly delicious strawberries, etc) we often have produce to also freeze or share with friends because we cannot keep up. We get unbelievably wonderful garlic every week except the first few boxes, some of which we save for winter months - and it is always far more flavorful than any purchased in a store. The greens are often perfect with little or no insect damage and I know from experience that swiss chard, for example, is very difficult to keep insect free. Not every vegetable every year is perfect but CSA, like everyone else, must depend on weather conditions which are never perfect for every vegetable every year. Other outstanding produce includes challenging-to-grow melons, leeks, varieties of basils and tomatoes, including heirloom varieties,and many varieties of potatoes as well as the more "usual" carrots, varieties of peppers, zucchini and squashes, etc. as well as herbs. We have always felt the quality and quantity of our vegetables is well worth the subscription price. We will enroll again for next year.

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so many better csas than this one
By: Lori Harry    (Aug 10, 2009)

I did not like this CSA. The variety was lacking, the veggies were either too big (left on the vine too long) or obviously not as fresh as they could be. We got one box that was all zucchini; I mean the zucchini was so big that it took up nearly the whole box. There were tomatoes, but again, the whole box was tomatoes and they were past ripe and well on their way to rotten. The winter squash was already soft. Like the previous reviewer said, most of the food was overly dirty and damaged like there were not enough people to care for what went in the boxes. All in all, there are quite a few CSAs out there, in this area of Wisconsin, who put out a better box for the money.

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gerstelten pohl says:    (Sep 25, 2009)

You can't possibly be writing your review about the same Sunny Sky CSA Farm that my wife and I have been a part of for the past eight years. Your ridiculous review has to have some underlying agenda to it. I don't know if its an attempt to undermine CSA's that you're not friendly with or if you just have a problem with this particular operation and its long history of supplying its members with abundant, varied and high quality produce week in and week out. Not only have we been members who just "pick up our produce", but for the past 5 years, we've been part of the Thursday worker group that helps harvest and put together the shares that go out to the drop spots each week. The descriptions of the bad boxes you received are completely false. It also appears your review was written before any of the produce you described was harvested this year. We take great pride in the quality, variety and abundance that is provided each week to members of Sunny Sky Farm. If any of the vegetables have an excess amount of field dirt on them, they are tenderly cleaned or sprayed, then dried before they are sent out. The harvests have been so bountiful and plentiful that in most cases, the entire share does not come close to fitting into the box. I, along with all the Sunny Sky family would invite you to come out and share our experience of providing some of Central Wisconsin's best organic produce. Then you can see first hand the care we put into each and every piece of produce.

Kimber Goodwin says:    (Sep 26, 2009)

I'm quite shocked by this review because it is far from my 10 years of experience with Sunny Sky Farm. I have been involved in the past as a farm apprentice, worker share and now as a paying member for the last 4 years. The produce is abundant, fresh and delicious week after week, year after year. There is exceptional variety. Just yesterday, we received in our box the following: potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, butternut squash (perfectly fresh and not at all soft), radishes, a beautiful head of lettuce, spinach and pineapple sage (a new herb offered at Sunny Sky Farm this season). Yes, sometimes you may end up with a large zucchini, but that is the nature of eating seasonally: sometimes you have to get creative. I actually appreciate a large zucchini or two per year for shredding and freezing for baking muffins and breads during the winter months. And as far as tomatoes, I'll never complain about having too many. They are so easy to put up for enjoying during the winter months. I'm not saying that every items is absolutely perfect all the time, that is simply unreasonable. If that is what you expect, then perhaps CSA farms are not for you. You may prefer buying at the local farmers market so you can personally choose each item. That is a perfectly fine choice. Either way, I'm a proud member of Sunny Sky Farm and highly recommend it.

Kris Pethick says:    (Jan 17, 2014)

This is certainly NOT our experience with Sunny Sky Farm at all. I was a member in the past and last summer my husband and I joined again, and we cannot wait for the coming season. We were awed by the wide variety of vegetables we got every week, and they were perfectly ripe. Nothing overripe at all, everything just exquisite. Fresh, tasty & varied. We got so spoiled because now anything purchased from the store pales in comparison. Every pick up day was like Christmas, we couldn't wait to open the box and find out what treats we received! It was so fun to try new vegetables too. If you want quality product for your buck, Sunny Sky Farm is definitely the way to go!

eating well with this CSA
By: Annie Krupnow    (Sep 20, 2008)

I just joined Sunny Sky Farm after not belonging to a CSA for a number of years because there was none in my area. Their pick up location is convenient for me because of my work schedule. We have eaten well all summer on all of the beautiful and tasty produce. I love to garden, and do some, but when I grow everything I don't have any time to cook or process food. I have to admit that Sunny Sky grows nicer veggies than I do. I've belonged to 4 different CSA's depending on where I've lived. This is one of the best. Veggies were always very fresh and kept really well. Nice variety too.

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