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Crooked market coordinator
By: John Doe    (Jul 18, 2014)

Participated in FWFM But found the coordinator Leigh Rowan to be dishonest and untrustworthy!

Their are a lot of honest - hard working vendors who take high pride in their products and service at the markets. And for Leigh to say she is very open to them is just not the truth, most are afraid to cross her for fear of loosing their space!

As a vendor it is so improbable to me that a coordinator is a vendor as well, this seems to be a conflict of interest and unfair to other like vendors she keeps out (great bakers)!

I give FIVE STARS TO THE VENDORS but 1 to the market organization.

FWFM is a great opportunity for Fort Wayne, but needs a board of directors to fairly run it!

From: Most Vendors FWFM

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Very expensive venue for vendors
By: Bonnie Roth    (Aug 19, 2013)

As a former vendor, I found the fees to participate very cost prohibitive and like the previous post, I don't exactly know where my money is going. We were promised advertising and most of us vendors were not seeing any- thus I don't know if I would participate in future seasons.

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Leigh Rowan says:    (Jan 27, 2014)

This isn't a valid post, we have been advertising on over 8 radio stations plus newspapers we have been spending on an avg of $1000 a week. Our books are always open to all the vendors. We have a meeting before each market to discus what we are doing and going to do. Vendors don't feel this way, the value has been proven since we have an extensive waiting list to get in and they all ask to come back. But don't take my word for it, come and ask any of them. Market Coordinator

John Doe says:    (Jul 18, 2014)

I am /was a vendor at these markets, I don't feel that the advertising is enough (if any). ? And Leigh says the books are open for vendors to see but has Never offed us a view!!! As a vendor I feel Leigh is pocketing money that was promised for advertising! Leigh and the others were to all VOLUNTEER their time not take our money. Maybe this post will open her up to this, and we want to see real bank statements, not a Leigh print out! If Leigh would share in real statements and show us where the money goes then we may look at this with real interest. Leigh says any vendor will tell you they are happy, who is she talking to - the wall? PRODUCE that is bought and resold is not vendor grown. Ask Gina K about this,! Seems to us (vendors) Leigh is fixing up her truck a lot and we aren't hearing ANY radio or print adds for OUR money, ask the market location managers if they are happy with FWFM, We did and so far 2 will not resign again! Hint! LEIGH IS NOT AN OPEN BOOK TO HER VENDORS! Waiting list to get in..... Lol no comment. Most Vendors FWFM

By: alice kup    (Oct 27, 2012)

Great market, great location, great idea! In the previous unfair review if she would have talked to the farmers she would have found out that they have put up greenhouses. It is time that FW was brought up to speed with other towns. It's a new market so give them a break....

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John Doe says:    (Sep 23, 2014)

The farmers and other vendors were spoke to! And it is understood that greenhouses are used, duh it's winter! The problem lays with the person or persons who run the market, the vendors are great and location ok, idea awesome! But when a market leader can't be trusted with your money and business it puts a bad taste on the whole idea. It's kinda like a used car dealer, the car looks great on the outside but once you drive it (vendor) you find the real issues, then the dealer won't fix them (market manager). GET IT? There are other market around town, so don't put all your eggs in this basket! We still shop here because we love the vendors but will not be a vendor.

ok new market
By: Trina Sedgewick    (Oct 13, 2012)

had a nice time at the new market last Saturday. I don't really understand the concept of just once a month however. Also don't know how much produce will actually be here in February- not much i suppose. Some of the vendors had really nice goods- but I know for a fact some of it was not homegrown by the vendor (I know them)! -not that it completely matters! Did buy some bread from a vendor that was stale- her cinnamon rolls were amazing though!

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