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By: Kathleen Giunta    (Mar 7, 2013)

I've been to Garden Destination many times and have enjoyed myself and learned so much from Rick and Donna. You can tell that they love their land and what they do there. The produce tastes amazing.

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Invest in your health with this CSA
By: Kathy Anderson    (Mar 7, 2013)

we participated in this CSA in 2012 and we received outstanding produce it had been cleaned and bagged and was beautiful. The flavor was incredible, you could taste the nutrients and the freshness in the food. The pickup process was quick and easy and is well worth the investment.

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Amazing produce!!!
By: Suzanne Velie    (Mar 7, 2013)

Garden Destination has some of the most flavorful produce my family and I have ever tasted. The produce is so yummy that we eat most of it raw or with little or no seasonings. It doesn't need it! Both Rick and Donna have so much knowledge about gardening and are such lovely people. You can tell the love they have for gardening and for the food they produce. I tell everyone I know about their CSA, it is amazing!!! Thank you Rick and Donna for all that you do and for providing such tasty food! :)

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