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Amazing selection that is right around the corner!
By: Carlos Cruzpagan    (Oct 18, 2013)

I am writing this review because I very much love going to Nalls Produce with my wife and little one whenever we need to stock back up on our fruits and veggies.

They also have a great selection of jams and jellies, a CSA, lots of great plants to grow at home.

The quality of the available produce easily matches if not surpasses the other local farmer's markets.

Another added benefit to this location is it doesn't move! I am not a big fan of having to travel to different locations to get the produce we like as well as having someone sell their other non-farmers market items(crafts, photos, clothing, etc. if I wanted that I would go to a flee market.).

The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable of what they sell and if not then they can definitely point you in the direction of the person that does know the information.

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Tara Johnston says:    (Dec 10, 2013)

Hi Carlos, thanks for the Crop Share love! We're always delighted to get feedback from members and hear how much they love the program. Our Deep Winter round will kick off January 3rd, and we really have fun with the variety in this once since we open it up to source domestically (still keeping it as local as possible when we can). Thanks again for the review! Tara Johnston Nalls Produce