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highly recommended
By: Localvore87    (Mar 25, 2014)

I visited early last season and met the great people and their families that would be growing our food. I loved the idea of supporting farm families that were working together to revive a local farm and bring it back to health! I was amazed at the progress I saw over the season. I loved visiting each week and getting to shop for what I'd like best, unlike other CSA's which pick your share for you. They had amazing local add-on products available for us to buy: cheese from Colchester, meat from East Haddam, bread from Haddam, their own pastured chicken eggs, and even honey from a local company, some of whose bees they keep on the farm. I even remember that all their seed is from New England farms. I recommend this CSA to anyone wanting to enjoy fresh organic food while supporting farmers who support the local community and environment in return. For only about $25 per week, I take pride in helping to support their noble efforts and I can't wait to see what's in store for us this year!

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Loved the experience
By: Terry Goldstein    (Mar 8, 2014)

The common ground CSA was just what I needed. It is very local. It is very fresh. It is all grown organically. Everything that they offered was delicious. I loved the market style pick up and the variety of add-on products that they had. Being their first year and the difficult weather conditions I thought they did well. I will be returning for their second season.

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Not recommended
By:    (Feb 7, 2014)

I am an experienced CSA member. This is the third farm I have joined and it is the worst. I will not be going back. The "squat" share was a small bag a little larger than a lunch bag, for the $550 fee I felt completely taken advantage of. Promised vegetables were never offered and their reason that limited supplies due to bad weather in the early summer did not stand up based on offerings at other stands on the area. We were supplied with greens, and small potatoes and carrots the entire season. I do not recommend this CSA.

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Very Disappointed
By: Local Mom    (Feb 5, 2014)

I was very excited to sign up for my first CSA- Having always bought produce from local farm stands in the past, I knew what to expect for veggies throughout the season and was excited to get them on a regular basis, and Common Ground seemed like a great choice based on their description and what was promised. The first couple of weeks had little to choose from, which I let pass due to weather and it being early in the growing season, but as time went on the selection never increased, and I became frustrated receiving predominantly greens from week to week.

When they finally had something other than greens, they were "miniature" carrots, tomatoes, etc and was clearly picked before it was ready.

There seemed to be a lack in the organization of the whole process, and while everyone was always friendly and helpful, it seemed that the "decision makers" were never around after very early on in the season, making it difficult to discuss discrepancies.

I wouldn't recommend this CSA.

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By: John Jones    (Jan 14, 2014)

The CSA season went so fast. Each week I enjoyed picking up my share at the farm. They offered a large variety of vegetables each week. Being a new vegetarian, this helped me transition into things easier. They were always very helpful and went to get things from the field when I asked. I would like more fruits to be available for the next season. Being their initial year, I thought things went smoothly. I will definitely enroll again

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By: consumer    (Aug 25, 2013)

A few things that were advertised as being included in the price for the season never showed up or we were told we could buy separately from another location such as corn and fruit. We never saw any fruit or corn except that which was for sale for additional money even though it was advertised as being part of the package. Pickup time was 4 - 7 but often at 6 bins were empty with no sign of being replenished. A couple times we asked and the young girl working there would go pick us the vegetable we requested but we didn't want to ask for more than one item and stand there while she went into the garden to pick items. At start of the season we were given one size basket to collect our vegetables, then we were given a smaller one a couple weeks later, then a couple weeks later we were given an even smaller bag. I felt like as the season comes to a close they are getting apathetic as the last time there were not even any bags or baskets in which to put our vegetables and as weeks go by they seem to care less and less. Don't think I will be back anytime soon.

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says:    (Jan 18, 2014)

I agree completely with this review, my experience was the same. We were provided the same selections May - October. No fruit or fall vegetables. I would recommend this CSA to nobody.