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Pie and Caramels were F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!
By: Laura Owens    (Dec 26, 2014)

I ordered a pecan pie and a 1# box of the Milk Chocolate Caramillican's. OMG the Caramillican's are divine! I saved the pie for Christmas dinner, as pecan pie is my husband's favorite and I cannot make one to save my soul! We hoped it would be as good as the caramillican's and it was fabulous! Absolutely perfect - I don't know what other buyer's are talking about -- maybe they don't live in California where we get crappy pecan pies! The crust was perfect, flaky but didn't crumble to pieces and you could eat big chunks with your hands, the inside was so perfect - firm not soupy/jiggly/custardy - firm, sweet, caramely, and topped with fresh delicious pecans. My husband loved it - and I have not been a fan of pecan pie, but I had 2 pieces!

Will definitely order from this company again. For all the nay-sayers, I say 'try' and make one yourself even half this delicious!

Thanks Millican Pecan Company, I'm a new fan!

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Like everything Texas
By: Lynn Porter    (Jun 8, 2014)

Dreadful. Not cooked, overpriced and not very good.

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Pie was terrible
By: jo wo    (Apr 3, 2014)

I sent this pecan pie to a friend for valentines last year, so this year I bought one for my family. It was terrible the crust was like cement. We literally could not cut it. My sister had a slice on her plate and was pushing so hard to try to cut through the crust that the pie went flying. We had to throw the thing away .. Inedible! Now I'm horrified that I sent one to a friend without trying it first.

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Lynn Porter says:    (Jun 8, 2014)

I agree

To Die For!
By: bidu tashjian    (Mar 5, 2014)

Loved these! Delicious chocolate on tasty pecans, yummy! They didn't last long!

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Best I ever ate!
By: bidu tashjian    (Mar 5, 2014)

These are the best tasting pecans I have ever had! Big, fresh, lightly salted and yummy! Will get some more! Fast ship, too!

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Good experience
By: Beth Price    (Jun 11, 2012)

I just got through sending my second order to this company. My first experience was great. They shipped fast, and the pecans were DELICIOUS! I am expecting the same results this time, also.

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best honey ever!!!
By: nancy hag    (Sep 9, 2011)

We LOVE this honey!!! i have been driving to multiple stores trying to find it as i could get it at central market for years but can't find it anymore!!! everyone who stays at my house that try it get instantly hooked!! Really, there's not only nothing else out there like it, nothing else even comes close.

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Orchard Fresh Pecans Halves
By: Teresa A Drake    (Sep 21, 2010)

I got my pecans less than five days after I ordered them. The pecans I received were fat meaty and very tasty. I was very happy with the order I received.

Teresa Drake Idaho Falls ID

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