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Best Chicken Ever!
By: Helana Hoover-Litty    (Jul 5, 2013)

I was looking for some local sources of meat, and since I don't eat a lot of red meats, I searched for chicken. I was pleasantly surprised when I found FoodCyclist Farm close enough to my locaton to give it a try. I signed up for the 20 week CSA, and am receiving one chicken (average >4lbs.) each week. The birds are very flavorfull and so tender when roasted. So far I have not tried any other methods of preparation. The chicken was so good that I found myself wanting more than one/week so that I could freeze some for the winter. Fortunately there were some share available so I now receive two/week. John is very friendly and very willing to talk about his farm and farming practice. I would highly recommend this CSA to anyone.

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