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Five Star all the way around
By:    (Aug 10, 2014)

I tried these eggs for the first time a couple weeks ago. Most were pale in color and the rest were richer in color and the richer in color did taste better however all were great tasting and just knowing I am eating an egg from a chicken that has fed on food with no pesticides, hormones, soy etc. makes me feel better about eating eggs and I will continue to buy my eggs from Walnut Hill Farm. I have paid the same amount for cage free or range free eggs in the stores and they were ok but I didn't like not knowing how old those eggs were but with Walnut Farm, I know they are fresh daily and am very happy I found them! I highly recommend them.

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says:    (Sep 25, 2014)

The orange yolk color comes from the natural pigment Xanthophylls. It does not contribute to the egg's nutritional value. Lighten up. I think Walnut Hill's response was on target. a Fresh Egg stands up in the skillet when you crack the egg. Their eggs are awesome. I've been their customer for years.

really rude owner!
By: Cori Vanker    (Oct 9, 2012)

I was surprised when I got my eggs because the other reviewers said that their eggs were great and had really rich yolks. My eggs had pale yellow yolks with almost no flavor. I've never had a free range egg like that, they've always tasted great and had deep orange color. At first I thought it was a fluke, so I emailed the owner and told him I was disappointed and had paid more expecting higher quality. He was really sarcastic in his response. He said he had a talk with the chickens and told them they needed to make sure they got more corn in their diets so that their eggs would have orange yolks, but they didn't listen. I'm giving this 2 stars instead of 1 because they are free range and satisfy my ethical requirements, but I refuse to give my money to someone who treats me like that. Plus, the eggs didn't even taste that good!

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Vikki Papesh says:    (Oct 11, 2012)

I am sorry you were unhappy with our exceptionally fresh eggs. We sell about a hundred dozen a week raised right here on the farm and have been selling eggs for more than fifteen years, so evidently others feel differently. Certainly, some yolks are less colorful than others, and we explained that free range chickens eat what they choose, some prefer wheat to corn and the yolk color will vary by diet. You also have the freedom of choice, so enjoy!

kim blankenship says:    (Jul 14, 2013)

get a sense of humor :)

Fast and Easy, Great fresh Eggs!
By:    (Feb 2, 2011)

I found this farm near my home through Local Harvest and was thrilled with the product and the experience. My aunt had mentioned knowing about it as well, and I finally made the drive with my husband. Having never before gone to a 'local farm' I was very pleased with being able to drive up and self-serve for farm fresh eggs in January.

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great eggs
By: shannon fashho    (Mar 9, 2010)

I've bought these eggs a few times so far, and they are great! You pull up the driveway to a mini refridgerator that is self serve. It's super easy, and I love how close it is to Rochester!

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Best Eggs EVER!
By: Andrea    (Sep 3, 2008)

I love these eggs! The yolks are so rich, and the whites are amazing. I use them in all my baking - quiche, cookies, cakes, tiramisu, and always get rave reviews. Oh yeah, and a fried egg sandwich is always a must with these too. Simply the freshest and best around.

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