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Nature's Candy
By: Valery Stanley    (Sep 23, 2011)

My order just arrived and I could not have been more pleased! The sweet, flavorful, melt in your mouth, yellow "candies" are divine. These fresh dates are a pleasure to look at, but an even bigger one to eat. The crunchiest ones are still the sweetest fresh dates I've ever had; the ones with a tiny bit of dark yellow/brown are reminiscent of raw honey, and the full brown ones are as sweet as the sweetest medjhool date, but with a more distinct, unforgettable flavor. Your Pato's date order will come in a nice canvas bag that you can hang right away and enjoy a sweet treat every time you pass by. Yum! And now I'm off to eat another pound...

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My mom loves the khalal Mariana dates!
By: Kathi To    (Aug 29, 2011)

I ordered these in early August 2011 when they were open for orders, and they arrived ahead of schedule in mid August. The farm kept us in the loop about the harvest time and were able to ship ahead of schedule because this summer had been so warm.

My mom loves fresh dates with their astringent taste and crunchy texture but we can't find them in ready supply in New York City. I love the fact that we can order from LocalHarvest! Mom truly enjoyed the dates and I'm ordering her the Black Sphinx so she can try that too.

They came in a FedEx box. The palms were curled up in a cotton bag. Only 1 date fell off the palm! There were several dates that looked like they had been bruised during the transport, but they turned out to be ripe, not bruised. They were so sweet! We ate those first.

Definitely delicious and good service. I have already ordered again!

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By: jericho b clark    (Nov 29, 2010)

These date are by far some of the most creamy, melt-in-your mouth dates that have 'wowed' all whom I have shared these with. If you never had a tree riped date before, these are an amazing start.

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By:    (Oct 8, 2010)

I was inspired to order these after I found a cookie recipe my grandma and brother made together in 1974 (she made a note in an old cookbook). I had never bought or cooked with dates, but once I they were in the fridge started snacking on them all the time and have found so many different possibilities for them (sweetening oatmeal, delicious persian dishes, chutneys). So, if you don't have a history of cooking with them making an order might inspire you.

Pato's Garden Customer Service is great! All of my orders have been in excellent condition and delicious.

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By: Guillermo Payet    (May 21, 2010)

These are the best dates ever. I like medjools and other sweet and chewy dates, but they can be too sweet for me at times.

Deglet Noors ("finger of light" in Arabic) are crunchy and light and delicious, and "just right" in terms of sweetness.

I *highly* recommend Pato's deglets.

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Great Date Season
By: jane macknight    (Dec 1, 2009)

These 2009 season medjools are the best I've tasted. They melt in your mouth and are so sweet. Even cold (we store ours in the refrigerator) they are smooth and sweet. Thanks!

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Awesome and unique dates
By: John P Valentine    (Jul 22, 2008)

Awesome, unique fresh dates! Last year (August 2007) I ordered dates from Pato's for the first time. I was curious about the 'fresh' dates as described on LocalHarvest (that is, dates that were not dried like the ones you get in most grocery stores). I ordered the Mariana dates ('khalal stage'), which Pato's says are the first ones to ripen in the season (in early August). All I can say is that they were incredible. Totally unique; nothing like the dried dates you get in the store. They were crispy like good apples with a slightly astringent taste (in a good way... somewhat tannic... like a good dry wine). I shared some with a Lebanese friend who went nuts about them because she has been living in the States for a long time and had not had fresh dates in years. She said that they reminded her of the fresh dates that they have in Lebanon. After a few days they began to ripen more, and became sweeter and sweeter, but my Lebanese friend and I ate them pretty fast since to us they were best with the astringent taste and crunchy texture. We live in South Carolina... no date palms here... just palmetto trees... and Pato's got them to us quickly and they arrived in good shape. I have been anxiously awaiting the 2008 date season!

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A Visit to Pato's
By: Amber Radwanski    (Apr 21, 2008)

My husband and I took a visit to Pato's on a cross-country trip during September of last year, and I'm so thankful that we made the stop. Doug showed us around the place, gave us tastings of his incredible dates, and talked with us about being a farmer in the desert. He cares for each and every one of his date palms like they were one of his beloved ducks! We'll make sure to stop by for a visit next time we are passing through Thermal!

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