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Great Folks!!
By: David S. Furr    (Jan 24, 2011)

I ordered some seeds in the busy Christmas season, the package got caught up in the hectic postal rush and when i contacted Red Rosa Farm they promptly emailed me back and shipped out my seeds again no questions asked. Wonderful folks that will surly see my business again.

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By: Carmen Garriga    (Nov 23, 2010)

I have ordered alpaca yarn twice from Red Rosa Farm. It feels wonderful, strong, warm, soft, lofty in texture and has good structure for knitting. The yarn arrived promptly the first time; the second order took rqo weeks because the yarn was being processed at a mill.

I was so grateful the Cathy of Red Rosa put the yarn in priority mail after I emailed.

And the best part about this yarn: it comes from a chemical-free, no-kill farm with a commitment to kindness to its animals. I especially like the fact that they do not restrain the animals for shearing.

I wish this farm great success.


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The Best
By: Lynda Stephens    (Oct 4, 2010)

Thank you Red Rosa Farms. I received my Hickory Nuts within 3 days of ordering them. They are exceptional, possibly the best I've ever had. Lynda

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Absolutely Wonderful
By: Teri Kavakos    (Aug 11, 2010)

I ordered fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms and were they ever tasty. I highly recommend you get some soon. I can't wait to use the dry Chanterelle's for great dishes this fall.

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Warm-Hearted Farm
By: Carrie Matson    (May 27, 2010)

When I found Red Rosa Farm I literally cried, to find a farm that didn't kill any of their chickens. My husband and I are veggan (vegan with eggs) but only eat this farm's eggs and only a few times a year. My eyes still fill up when I go on the farm's main page and see the cute little alpaca giddingly hopping in the air, and read their description. I wish I could visit the farm and hug the owners!

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Tomato and pepper seeds
By: Mike Dennis    (May 11, 2010)

Just wanted to thank this supplier for high quality seeds and fast service. I have planted 4 varieties of the tomatoes and have had good success with germination rate and growth of each kind. The pepper seeds have likewise been a hit. Thanks! -Mike

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Expedited order
By: Timothy Cozine    (May 5, 2010)

This is the second year I've ordered quail eggs from Red Rosa Farm. Last year the eggs were shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition with no damage. This year I placed my order late and I needed them quickly. I called the farm and Cathy called me back very quickly. I wanted to get my shipment over-nighted and pay the difference with a credit card. The farm isn't able to take a credit card and I don't have a way to pay by check. Cathy volunteered to absorb the additional cost of overnight shipping to ensure I received my order in time. My hat is off to Red Rosa Farm. Thank you. Tim Cozine, USDA, APHIS, WS

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Bad Tomato seeds and customer service
By: ALAN RUSSELL    (May 3, 2010)

I was excited to promply receive my tomato seeds from Red Rosa Farms. But, after planting hundreds of tomato seeds from a few differant companies, Red Rosa Farms tomato seeds were the only ones that only had 20% to 50% germination. I have tried to contact them thru e-mail and by phone but I have never recieved a reply. Bad seeds and terrible customer service makes a bad buisness!

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Cathy Crosson says:    (May 5, 2010)

We have sent this customer a full replacement of their seed order, plus some additional bonus seeds. Out of literally thousands of tomato seed orders we have filled this season and last, we have had virtually no reports of poor germination, and many very happy reports. We have grown all of these tomato plants for market from the same batches of seeds, and have had excellent germination from all of them, at least 80-90%. Many factors go into the germination of seeds, so it is impossible to guess why this customer experienced poor germination. One local customer who bought our seeds last year had told us he had poor germination from a particular variety last year, then he planted the same batch of seeds this year and reported close to 100% germination. We do apologize that we did not directly contact this customer with regard to their problem before sending them the replacement seeds. We are exceptionally busy this Spring, and although we strive to be as responsive as possible, some phone calls or emails may go unanswered for a time. The response time to any particular problem or inquiry may also be affected by the tone in which is is delivered -- a friendly, collegial tone will often result in a quicker response than an accusatory, hostile one.

ALAN RUSSELL says:    (May 5, 2010)

Thanks so much for resending the seed. I, to am a family farmer and just thought after 10 days I was not going to receive a reply from you. I'm sorry my voice must sound hostile, Didn't mean it that way.