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Stay away from this company
By: Anita Branch    (Oct 1, 2013)

I placed an order with Happy Cat Organics, and then received nothing. I made several attempts to contact them via email, but they never responded. Thankfully, I had paid with PayPal. After 6 weeks of repeated attempts to resolve this on my own, I filed a claim with PayPal. I received notice today that my money is being refunded, but I haven't gotten my money back yet. I'm not holding my breath. This company is terrible - one of the worst experiences I've ever had. Do not waste your time trying to support this them. You will no doubt be disappointed as well. If they treat their namesake cat as bad as they treat their customers, there's no way the poor little beastie could be happy.

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Black Krim
By: Ron Shurie    (Mar 17, 2012)

This tomato rocks our garden like no other. We have grown 20 or 30 different types of tomatoes over many years yet this tomato is the one that we hand pick for saving seeds. They hang in there through heavy rain as well as drought. Amazingly they have their own salty taste right off the vine. Pick early and often as they are ripe before they look it. Being an heirloom their shelf life is not as good as a hybrid which we refuse to grow. Ours grow in raised beds to help when those really rainy days could be a problem.

Buy a pack and enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Ron of Mystic Acres Farm

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Lemon Drop
By: Darren Guldan    (Jul 10, 2011)

!MY FAVORITE! Slightly Shriveled/Wrinkled /Pinkie/Jalapeno size Prolific Bright Lemon Yellow fruit scattered about a lovely smallish (2'x2'?) bush. !EXCELLENT! ornamental as well as great in large pots. They look almost as great as they taste. ...With a Hot & Lemon Citrus taste.

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Looking good so far
By: Laura Haggarty    (Mar 15, 2011)

I am sorry to see the negative reviews here for this company. So far, I've had good service from them. I have not yet planted the seeds, but they came well packaged and were shipped quickly. I will update my review once I get stuff into dirt and see how they do.

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Snowberry tomato origin and history
By: Tom Wagner    (Oct 25, 2010)

Glad to see LocalHarvest members growing tomatoes and offering seed. Thanks.

Snowberry is the name I gave for this variety back in 1996. I sent some seed to Holland and from there it spread. When I visited the greenhouse in the Netherlands where it was grown during the month of October, 1996, I was happy to show it to visitors along with Green Sleeves, now called Green Sausage; Banana Cream, now called Cream Sausage; Brandy Stripe, now known as Vintage Wine. Snowberry at least has the original name I gave it.

I may list some of my many custom made varieties in my LocalHarvest account. That would be fun.

Again, I am thrilled to see any of my varieties listed here. Please keep up the good work.

Tom Wagner

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Love them!
By: sarah reese    (Feb 3, 2010)

I can't wait for farmers market season to start so that I can start buying up their amazing produce and veggies! I catch them at the Kennett Square Farmers Market - last summer I made the most amazing dinner using the little purple potatoes they had with a recipe from Heidi Swanson's '101 Cookbooks'. My friends in Philadelphia always rave about catching them at HeadHouse Market. Tim is always ready with a joke, and his wife Amy is the sweetest lady - they're both always ready with explanations and information. Happy Cat also participated in the East Coast Fermentation Festival last year, where they did a fantastic demonstration on seed saving - don't miss it this year! I read the other comments, and honestly, don't believe it - everyone I've met has only had the best of interactions with Happy Cat. 5 stars, for sure!

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Poor service and abusive attitude
By: Lewis F Regner    (Oct 13, 2009)

I also was a customer that had a rather poorly handled and poorly packaged order of the Amish Knuttle Beans. Package split and lost contents on both the first and second try....Was a Facebook friend and fan to the Happy Cat Farms customer page and apparently when he read some of what I wrote on my own personal wall and found that he disagreed with my opinions and posts, he commented to one of my posts, and I quote, "besides an asshole, who are you?" I guess there is some confusion in his mind as to difference between, and the appropriate etiquette on, a business vs. a personal profile on Facebook and certainly no doubt in my mind now, that he has no idea how to treat a former and potential customer. I kept a screen shot of his comment to me, in case there is any doubt by anyone that it actually ever happened.

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Not a Happy Cat
By: Jill Rubin    (May 27, 2009)

I am sad to say that I had a very bad experience with Happy Cat. I had to remind them to mail me my order after placing it on their website and had to provide details of my order. They said they would send then next day mail, but the seeds didn't arrive for over a week. I never received one seed packet despite several reminders. The seeds packets have no information about how to germinate, thin, or when to start the seeds. Then, as a final kick, the seeds have an incredibly poor germination rate. One variety of carrots and a variety of corn never germinated at all despite planting tens of seeds of each variety. Among the other seeds, the germination rate was probably 30% although I recently planted some cucumber seeds outside and only one of maybe 10 or 12 has germinated in nearly 3 weeks. In addition to the low germination rate, their seeds seem to be slow growing and germinate later than other heirloom varieties from other seed companies. I really want to support a regional seed company, but they seem disorganized and provide a poor product.

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