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My nettle plants are thriving!
By: Mary L. Ernst    (May 1, 2014)

The plant stock arrived quickly and in beautiful condition with many small leaves emerging. I have wanted to establish a nettle patch for years but my attempts with seeds have been pretty futile. This rootstock was great and I am on my way to a well established bed. Thank you so much!

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no seeds
By: Katy Brezger    (Apr 19, 2014)

I have no idea if the seeds are good or not since it was packaged in black out paper, stapled and when I attempted to locate the seeds in the package I managed to destroy the plastic envelope inside and all the seeds were gone, fell right out of the bottom. In all the decades I've bought, traded and sold seeds, we do have an heirloom seed business, I've never seen them packaged so unprofessionally. I will buy more lemon balm seeds but not from Sharon.

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Sharon Carson says:    (May 7, 2014)

My seed package is created by hand, designed so the seed does not fall out . I put tiny seed in in a tiny ziplock bag inside the envelope . The package is designed so you remove the staples to open it . The package reflects the way I garden- all by hand -not mass produced . If you had called me about the problem ,I could have helped you or replaced the seed . The design was an idea of a package sent to me by a seed saver in appalachia when I was in the seed savers exchange using recycled paper :)Sharon

wild weaving class
By: Mary Ann Benyo    (Dec 1, 2013)

I had a wonderful afternoon at your basket weaving class last week. It was a pleasure to be able to make something useful (and surprisingly attractive for my first effort!) from natural materials, that we gathered right from your gardens. You are not only a skilled weaver, but a patient teacher, covering the entire process from start to finish with advice on how to do it well, what would work and why, and even graciously welcoming us to do it differently if we felt so compelled.

Besides learning the basic skills of basketry, I so enjoyed being able to meet you and your daughter and to learn more about your gardens, about homesteading in general. It's refreshing to find others who want to live comfortably, naturally and efficiently, without harming the earth.

Thank you for having me!

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Great Locally-Adapted Plants DELMARVA
By: Stewart Lundy    (Oct 22, 2013)

We have tried to source all of our seeds from organic and/or biodynamic farms. We have been disappointed by many in the past. This year we even tried seeds from Turtle Tree Seed alongside seeds from Sharon's Natural Gardens. While some of TTS's plants did fine, they only ranged from terrible to so-so; Sharon's Natural Gardens outperformed -- and with the same varieties. In contrast to the poor growth of TTS's seeds, we had virtually 100% germination rate from Sharon's Natural Gardens and better yet -- virtually all of them survived on our farm.... even seedlings that were totally ignored. None were irrigated, none were babied, and very few were even properly weeded. The vigor of these seeds suited us perfectly on the Delmarva Peninsula and will suit anyone in the humid South East, especially the coastal regions.

We acquired generous and hardy cane berry plants from her biodynamic farm.

This is a place that started with low organic content (in some places as low as 0.5%) and is now at a remarkable 3.5% organic content. I don't know if you are familiar with the high rainfall in this region, but we receive well over 4 FEET of rain per year. It takes a noble effort to raise the organic matter content of soil by even half a percent. Sharon, with decades of attention, has established a lush and diverse perma-culture and bio-dynamic farm.

Many farms smell bad, and as Joel Salatin says, "The smell of manure is the smell of manure mismanagement." At Sharon's Natural Gardens, everything was composted and the compost smelled sweet. There were no offensive smells, something I have yet to be able to manage well on my own farm!

Sharon is a sincere and dedicated soul and the farm embodies her spirit (or is it the other way around?).

If you have the chance to visit here, you should. If you cannot visit, you should consider supporting this operation.

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Sharon Carson says:    (Oct 23, 2013)

Thank You Stewart for your glowing review ! Even though I am not Demeter certified, I do practice using biodynamics on my farm. I think it changes not only the composts but also the grower . Like a tree grown from a tiny seed, it takes time to manifest. I also believe We have to "Be The Change We want to see in the world " which is why I also want to support you and other local growers especially those who do not use toxins on their farms . Thank YOU so much for your support! :)Sharon

Job's Tears
By: Karen Cronin    (Mar 30, 2013)

I love this plant.

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Great Pungent so Fresh
By:    (Jan 14, 2013)

These are top quality, really fresh herbs. I could smell the aroma through double baggies. I was a bit worried about the hot fish pepper and nettles, since I have diverticulitis and sometimes just a little jalapeno can cause grief. Had to try it. Not only was there no problem, for some reason my body loves this stuff. I was actually better the next day. Anything that settles me down is A-OK. For that alone I would re order, but I really love the mix. Oregano is the top flavor, then subtle basil, but not too much garlic. I am putting it into a lot of recipes. A small amount, a quarter teaspoon, blends into the background and adds depth plus makes my internals happy. Recipe: soft greek flat bread (similar to pita or flour tortilla), top with mild cheddar, provolone or similar, and microwave to just melt the cheese. Sprinkle a pinch of herb blend on the cheese as soon as it is melted. Eat right away. So good on melted cheese. Don't forget to gently mix the bag of herbs before you first try it, to make sure the hot pepper is blended. Heh. I am very glad I tried it

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Sharon Carson says:    (Jan 16, 2013)

So glad you enjoy the blend . I make it for myself and always make more than I can use . It began when I used to sell fresh cut herbs at the farmers market as a way to make use of the herbs that did not sell at the market . I use it in just about everything I make, especially in the winter when fresh herbs are not available. :)Sharon

Services Appreciated : )
By: Tess Schaffner    (Oct 12, 2012)

Your attention in filling this order so quickly is most appreciated. Tess Schaffner / Off The Vine Market

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Sweetest Pepper Ever!
By: Liz    (Sep 16, 2012)

These yellow peppers should be called "Sun Gold" Peppers, because like the tomato, they are incredibly sweet. I can't stop eating them! But they are also not hybrids, so they are much better than the Sun Gold Tomatoes! You must try this pepper, one bite and it will be in your garden the next season!

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