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My Favorite Farm
By: Lisa Mitchell Parker    (Jun 28, 2013)

Jill and Mary, along with their various helpers, run the most loving farm I can imagine. We've had the pleasure of meeting them through our favorite Farmer's Market, and continue buying our meat through them even in the winter when they will come to the market once a month with orders ready.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we order our Turkey (and once we did a Christmas Goose) from Crane Dance. It cost more than Butterball Turkeys but...yeah, I don't need to even say how worth it is, do I?

Their eggs are awesome, and gorgeous. You can sometimes get goose or duck eggs as well!

Their homemade sausage--linked or bulk--is amazing!!! I never even liked sausage before I had Crane Dance Sausage!

Their bacon, nitrate free (of course) and their Canadian Bacon is the very best I've ever tasted. These ladies know food and how to make it exceptional.

We had the privilege of spending an afternoon and evening at their farm with great food and touring the beautiful grounds. When you see cows who come RUNNING to the owners just by hearing their voices and see them getting hugs and rubs you know why this was the first Animal Cruelty Free Certified Farm in Michigan.

Jill and Mary are also exceptional advocates for this cause. They deserve your business. And you deserve their treats!

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The best of the best
By: Lisa Middlecamp-Lowder    (Dec 30, 2011)

Have toured the farm. Very impressed. The animals are treated with love and fed only the very best. This farm is the epitome of integrity.

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Disappointed Overrated Overpriced
By: Lynn Blalock    (Oct 8, 2011)

Very unhappy with purchases. No better than the grocery store for the quality we received.

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Lisa Mitchell Parker says:    (Jun 28, 2013)

I cannot believe it is "no better than grocery store". Does it cost more? Of course! If you've been to their farm, you'd see exactly why it does. I am sorry, but I don't think your review is an accurate reflection of this exceptional farm.

Great Quality
By: Debra Hoek    (Sep 14, 2008)

I have purchased products from Crane Dance Farm through the West Michigan Co-op, an online Farmer's Market. My purchases have always been of excellent quality.

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