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Wonderful Soap
By:    (Jan 28, 2014)

I have been using natural soaps for several years and this soap is by far the very best that I have used so far. Not only does the spearmint smell wonderful, but it also lathers extremly well. I now enjoy taking a bath again. It reminds me of baths that I had as a child. I also wash my hair with it and it leaves my hair looking alive and full of shine. I highly recommend this soap. I love it.

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Bechard Family Farm products are A+++!
By:    (Oct 1, 2012)

Bechard Family Farm is our trusted supplier of fresh eggs, whole chickens, and fresh raw milk. Several years ago we decided to stop buying some foods at the area grocery stores because the quality had deteriorated. At our local healthy food market (Mama Jean's) we added our family to a sign-up list to buy fresh chickens from the Bechards. Their chickens are always fresh, clean, and properly packaged for freezing. The taste difference is amazing. And we love knowing that they grow up on grass, sunshine and fresh air. When we heard that they also had a dairy and could provide fresh raw milk, we signed up for that too. (We had basically stopped drinking milk because the store-bought milk just seemed unsatisfying.) The milk we buy each week is rich with cream, smooth, so clean, such a wonderful fresh smell when you pour a glass. It's great to cook with, to make homemade yogurt, and especially to drink. The most surprising result of drinking the fresh milk has been the end of cravings for certain types of junk food. I think this milk with all its protein and nutrients intact (not ruined by commercial processing) satisfies our bodies' needs. Most recently we began buying their fresh brown eggs. They are large and delicious, with gorgeous golden yolks and ample whites. We really look forward to them for breakfast. Knowing their chickens don't eat genetically modified grains or other harmful things is very reassuring. One of the great things about doing business with the Bechards is that they are genuinely friendly, kind, hard-working folks. It's a treat to get a reminder call from one of their daughters announcing chicken pick-up day because their children are so professional and pleasant. We look forward to trying more of their products soon, and we feel very blessed to live near enough to do business with Bechard Family Farm.

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Great people! Great products!
By: Sherry Carter    (Jun 9, 2010)

Very friendly folks that have clean products. Very happy to find them so close to me so I have a source of raw milk.

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