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Beyond Excellent!
By: Kellu Olsen    (Jan 23, 2013)

My family has subscribed for 3 years, going on our fourth now. Thanks to this CSA, we have become big fans of veggies we never even knew we liked, and the farmers -- two warm, friendly and intelligent women -- send an e-newsletter with the delivery every week, telling you what is happening in their garden and what is in the produce bag, as well as providing great recipes and suggestions. We freeze some extra veggies every growing season to enjoy during winter, so the MANY months we get bags from this CSA during the growing season feel almost year-round. We most definitely get more than our money's worth.

We belonged to another CSA in the past and quit because the quality and care were disappointing, but Wildfire Farm exceeds excellence. Everything is consistently clean and beautiful, and there's pleasant surprises over the season that show they're going the extra mile to please their subscribers (shitaki mushrooms, strawberries, garlic braids, and other treats when the crops and weather cooperate).

A couple years back when I was thinking about subscribing to their weekly flower bouquet, but concerned about using resources for something that seemed just decorative, I inquired a bit more into their farming practices. Boy, I became more impressed than ever! I learned that Wildfire Farm irrigates from a creek on their farm, picks pests off the veggies by hand rather than spray even organic pesticides, and does many other things that show they are the eco-friendly and organic "real deal." Our family took Marci and Dane up on the offer to come see their farm, and it is positively inspiring. Everything at Wildfire Farm -- from the veggies to the flowers -- is grown with the upmost care and respect for the earth. You can even enjoy fresh cut flowers every week and feel good about your environmental impact.

My family just cannot say enough good things about our several years of experience as Wildfire Farm subscribers! We've enjoyed abundant, wonderful, tasty food that's expanded our diets, grown by the nicest two famers you could ever meet who practice everything CSAs are supposed to be about. We feel very fortunate and, to pass it on a bit, have even given a few gift bags to others here and there for wedding presents, etc. Highly recommend!

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Love Those Fresh Veggies
By: Loretta Tanner    (May 12, 2012)

Thanks to Wildfire Farm I have rediscovered healthy, tasty eating. Last year as a new subscriber I was unfamiliar with vegetables such as kale and chard but now I am thrilled to find them in my bag! The strawberries and asparagus this year have been a welcome taste of spring but baked kale chips are addictive. I was afraid the small bag would be too much for a non-veggie eater but I have had no trouble finding recipes to use the bounty I get each week. Not only am I eating healthier but I am also happy to be eating greener! It feels good to know I am contributing to local farmers as well as eating safer more nutritious (and delicious) food.

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A Wonderful Choice
By: Lee Harvill    (Nov 8, 2009)

Everything about being a subscriber to Wildfire Farm's CSA feels so right!!! It was an excellent value for my investment and it was delightful to receive the bags every week to find a good variety of some of the freshest and tastiest produce available. I love to cook, and I couldn't wait to get the email describing what was in my bag, so I could plan yummy healthy meals! The eggs were the best I have tasted and the Easter egg colors were always a fun. They also have a harvest dinner at the farm near the end of the season to honor their subscribers, which is a opportunity to appreciate the year's bounty..... and the land and labor from which it came. It's just a fun celebration!

I have had the pleasure of spending much time at Wildfire Farm, therefore I can attest that Marcie and Dane are skilled and dedicated farmers that grow the food with the unmost consciouness for the land and quality of the produce. Their chickens are happy and healthy (with various and charming personalities and names!)

I am just sad the season has come to and end (except for a bonus two months for eggs!), I and I can't wait for first bags to arrive in 2010!

Lee Harvill, Eureka Spring, AR

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Fabulous Wildfire Food & Flowers
By: Sally Gorrell    (Sep 16, 2009)

Does anyone ever have enough flowers? We ordered the whole works, flowers, eggs and the crops. The bouquet makes our bag of veggies look like a picture from an art show. Then, we get to look in, to find the delicious variety of vegetables, some fruit, as reported to us in the email that I find on my computer (I'm sure this is optional, but heck they offer a recipe, and names of the various varieties, some I've never seen before.) Like the bunch of mustard greens in yesterday's bag. I could tell it was mustard, but the names of the three different types, how fun. We put the mustard on sandwiches (instead of lettuce) added a zing to our lunch, just out of this world. Health and Taste and Beauty, good taste with no poison, how novel in today's world . Did I fail to mention that it's delivered to my porch once a week. I dread when the garden is over. When can we subscribe for next year???? I'm in, we love it. We eat alot (about 3 people) and freeze and can some too. Besides all that The Gardeners both smile when they see us. Thank you Dane, Thank you Marcia. Sally Williams and LeRoy Gorrell

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