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fun place, great foods!
By: Jane Tutton    (Oct 5, 2010)

Love the farm! This is my third season working and eating from the CSA. There are lots of great people working and the crops are really good. The lettuce mix alone is worth it. Even my husband loves it!

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We are non-working members
By: Susan Seidler    (Oct 5, 2010)

We have known White Rabbit before their rebirth as a CSA and so we really are old-timers.

With the birth of the CSA, there is a burst of community exuberance and enthusiasm that you can taste in the produce. They just somehow taste better when they are produced with care and in a natural organic way by people who are working not for shelf life and uniformity, but for quality and variety. We love going to White Rabbit to get our food. The whole atmosphere is so welcoming and honest. Nothing is glitzy artificial high-powered "buy me try me" pressured. It's all REAL HONEST GOOD CLEAN FOOD. This is the kind of stuff you want to put into your body in order to be healthy and not add poisons to your diet.

As senior citizens we joined as non-working members and that is very good for us. It is convenient, we don't and can't do the gardening, but we to get the wonderful benefits.

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Susan Seidler says:    (Oct 8, 2010)

I found a typo in my comment. sorry!

Susan Seidler says:    (Oct 8, 2010)

There is a typo in my comment. It should read "but we do get the wonderful benefits" sorry.

A wonderful experience!!!
By: Catherine Westbrook    (Oct 5, 2010)

What a great CSA! As I prepare to move to Maryland one of the main things I will miss about Vero Beach is my time spent at White Rabbit Acres. I am already mourning the loss of the most delicious snow peas I have ever, or will ever taste. The produce you get at White Rabbit you can not get in a grocery store... heirloom tomatoes, purple & pink carrots, sweet corn you can eat raw, and more. If you cook or just like to eat joining this CSA will completely change your life in the kitchen. I am a busy working mom and the flexibility of working, non-working, and half shares means you can participate in this CSA no matter what your schedule. Did I mention that you will also meet a group of really incredible people from all different backgrounds. White Rabbit is worth the investment!

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Terrific CSA
By: Lauren Connolly    (Oct 5, 2010)

We are among the first members of this terrific little CSA! We have learned so much in the past two years -- and now this is our thrid season!

Many of the great benefits are that we have meet other like-minded folks, interested in where their food products come from and their willingness to support "Grow Local"!

When we first started, we were thinking it was just about "the food". Now, it's about the people, the land, our ability to learn to sustain what we're doing, etc!

Some folks may not be used to thinking about actually "working" but we think it's one of the best parts!! Getting your hands dirty and connecting to the land is a wonderful thing!!

Hope to see some new faces out here soon!!

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