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Prescott's Patch is the Best!
By: Cindy Hoke    (Dec 19, 2014)

I love the concept of Community Supported Agriculture. Not only does my CSA membership help local farmers who are dedicated to sustainable, chemical-free growing methods, it also encourages me to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in my family's dinners. I've been a CSA member with Prescott's Patch for several years and, after trying another area CSA for one season, I truly appreciate the quality and variety of produce that Steve provides in his weekly shares. There's always something new to try from garlic scapes to kohlrabi to watermelon radishes. Who knew that turnips could be so delicious? I plan to stay with Prescott's Patch as long as Steve offers a CSA.

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We love the CSA
By: Barbara Butz    (Mar 6, 2012)

There is nothing quite like being the first one at the Hellam location on pick-up day. Entering the cool barn and seeing the beautiful produce spread out on the tables and in the bins, painstakingly sorted and organized... well, it's just a glorious sight. When you think about the bounty that's produced as a result of all of Steve's (and the interns') hard work, you realize it's about so much more than just the food.

I like that my kids will eat all the berries and put the empty container back in the return bin before we even get into the car. We have all gotten a taste of things we otherwise would never have tried thanks to Prescott's Patch!

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Great chemical-free produce!
By: Kylie Mohler    (Jan 30, 2012)

We've been CSA members of Prescott's Patch for several years, and are always happy with the bounty we receive. It's important to me to feed my family chemical-free foods, so I highly value the care Steve takes in growing our food and the environment. I've been introduced to many heirloom plants, the variety is amazing!

I also appreciate the weekly emails sharing delicious recipes, it makes us feel like a real part of the CSA community. I like knowing where our food comes from, and supporting a farm family and our community.

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Great CSA for quality, quantity and careful land use
By: Sylvia Lehman    (Jan 29, 2012)

We've been members of this CSA for many years and we've never been disappointed. It was an easy decision to sign on for another year. We've shared harvests through many weather cycles and each week found plenty of the season's standards, as well as something new or unusual to try. The pick your own flowers and weekly notes from the farmer have added pleasure to our CSA experience.

We've also spent time in the field picking strawberries and getting to know Steve. We always comment on the sense of calm and vibrance we feel on this peice of land. Steve's integrity and hardworking paternership with nature make this CSA a local food source that nourishes on many levels.

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Tasty produce from an environmentally conscious farm!
By: Dana Lehman    (Jan 27, 2012)

As a former intern and employee I highly recommend Prescott's Patch as an excellent source for fresh local veggies and fruit. Steve Prescott cultivates chemical free produce with the highest level of integrity, and priority for environmentally sensitive practices.

My family have been CSA members with Prescott's Patch for seven seasons, and we have been delighted with the variety and quality of produce we receive every year. From beautiful heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, and watermelons in the summer to sweet potatoes, pumpkins, kale, and Brussels sprouts in the fall, Prescott's Patch provides CSA members generous quantities of produce that is wholesome, flavorful, diverse, and full of culinary possibilities. I recommend Prescott's Patch to anyone searching for a CSA that prioritizes respect for the environment, value, and quality delicious produce!

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Intern Review: 2 Enthusiastic Thumbs Up!
By: Kate Lichti    (Dec 26, 2008)

As an intern at Prescott's Patch during the summer of 2008, I can speak for the integrity of the day to day practices at the farm that may go unnoticed by CSA members or customers. Steve was incredibly conscientious about all aspects of the farm--from where he purchased seeds, to reusing any plastic bags or irrigation tape, to avoiding even organic-certified pesticides where possible (trust me, I spent a fair amount of time de-bugging potato plants by hand). The Prescott's are also serious about connecting with their CSA members and community and getting involved in other local sustainable farming/gardening efforts. At a time when the term "sustainable" often seems like nothing more than advertising tool, Prescott's Patch is the real deal. I HIGHLY recommend it as a wonderful place to work and as a farm you can feel good about supporting.

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Great produce, great people, great deal.
By: Dave Yates    (Apr 24, 2008)

I have been a CSA Member of Prescott's Patch for several years now, and I have to say that every year gets better. All the produce is fantastic and we get great variety that we can't find in many farmers markets. Every week we look forward to our pick-up and seeing what delicious veggies and fruit we are going to get that week. I believe we've counted up to 21 different items at one of our pick-ups and generous amounts of each. This is definitely one CSA that is well worth the asking price. Your only problem will be trying to figure out how to use all of those delicious veggies.

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