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Eating veggies is where it's @, can you dig?
By: Betsy Holmes    (Oct 19, 2010)

This is our second year in a row splitting a CSA farm share from Red Wagon. My husband and I have plenty to eat all week from the farm share, even after splitting it with another couple. Splitting the cost and weekly quantity with another couple has been a great way to make sure we get the most from the experience. I would hate to see any of their lovely veggies go to waste and we somehow manage to incorporate everything we get. The investment at the beginning of the year always pays for itself.

Throughout the summer, I find myself visiting the weekly Boulder Farmers Market, but mostly to browse the offerings. With the CSA farm share, I never need to buy more veggies at the market.

Amy sends out weekly newsletters throughout the summer and provides you with details of what vegetables are being distributed that week along with recipes. I love the variety of leafy greens and delicious vegetables from Red Wagon. Supporting a local farm makes you feel good from the inside out!

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Fantastic CSA
By: Cher Hatland    (Oct 19, 2010)

We loved our CSA with Red Wagon. The variety of vegetables is really amazing. It's fresh and delicious every week. Our 3 year old particularly loved the farm tours and speaks with great affection of Farmer Amy and Farmer Wyatt. He has a very real sense of where his food comes from now and that is important to us.

The people who staff the CSA pick up booth always have suggestions for how to cook an unfamiliar vegetable. Garlic scapes, anyone? I loved learning more about what grows seasonally in my area. The quantities were good and we ate everything. We got a little tired of beets but that is part of eating seasonal produce, right?

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By: Nancy Blanchard    (Oct 18, 2010)

We have been with Red Wagon Organic Farm for three seasons... love them! The people are wonderful and the produce is always high quality, fresh and incredibly delicious. The extra effort put into the weekly newsletter is also thoughtful and helpful. My family has truly enjoyed our farm share. We also love being introduced to new vegetables throughout the summer!

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Love Red Wagon Farm
By: carol wildebrandt    (Jul 9, 2010)

Last year was my husband and my first experience with CSA and Red Wagon was a great place to start. Being able to ask Amy, Wyatt or one of the farm's workers a question was very helpful. The newsletter gave great recipes and an understanding of local sustainable farming. We enjoyed the variety, cleanliness and amount of our share. My job situation changed and Red Farm's pick up is no longer possible. We joined a CSA with a larger farm this year. The variety, cleanliness and flavor of this year's CSA falls short of Red Wagon Farm. If you can this is the CSA to join.

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awesome eatables, pleasant people
By: Christina Book    (Nov 6, 2009)

The Red Wagon farmers are friendly, easy-going, approachable people, which is the icing on the organic-vegetable cake. As Red Wagon members for the past 2 seasons, we have been amazed by the freshness, variety and quantity of vegies we receive each week. We also like having the option to purchase other locally-grown fruits and vegies when we pick up our share at the farm stand. We love Red Wagon for the fresh, locally grown, ORGANIC produce, as well as for the excellent human beings who own and operate it.

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Red Wagon CSA
By: Susan Honstein    (Oct 23, 2009)

We really enjoy being part of community supported agriculture and have had two great seasons as Red Wagon members. Wyatt and Amy are really committed to providing a great variety of beautiful, clean, healthful produce and my grandson loves the farm tour each summer! We'll be back next year!

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A Red Wagon convert
By: shelli walker    (Oct 22, 2009)

This was our first year with Red Wagon and with trying a CSA program. We will definitely sign up again. It was like getting a fantastic present every week! The quality and diversity of the weekly offerings were great. It was nice to have an option to trade some items, and it was great to get the newsletter for ideas on vegetables I'd never prepared before. I really enjoy cooking, and the quality of these flavorful ingredients made my job easy. Even though I always use a lot of veggies, the weekly influx definitely lead me to try more new things and eat more vegetables per meal than ever before. All my life I claimed to dislike beets. Red Wagon changed my mind about this! I also had some friends with shares from other farms so we compared notes. Every time I heard what they got, I consistently got the better deal in both the amount and diversity of what we received every week. This includes not too few types of things or too much of one thing to eat! Nearly nothing went to waste in our household because the share was well planned and portioned, at least for our appetities. Red Wagon also seemed to range a little longer than many other farms, and often had generous little bonuses for its members. I'll miss it, and can't wait for next season!

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red wagon
By: zach johnson    (Oct 22, 2009)

Wyatt and Amy grow amazing food that we have had the joy of eating for three years now. I always find myself anticipating each spring with the promise of fresh and tasty vegetables.

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