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Great Dairy, Wonderful Goats
By:    (Mar 25, 2011)

The Drake Family Farm Dairy is a wonderful place. We ended up buying one of their goats and have been very happy with her. She produces a good amount of milk, but best of all she's friendly and caring.

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Excellent dairy!
By: Emily Lyons    (Feb 10, 2010)

My fiance' has been buying raw milk from this little farm for awhile; he drinks 2-3 gallons of it weekly. (I sometimes have some too.)

The goats are very high-quality goats, and their milk is excellent. They breed them to improve the goats; I think their website talks about it. The Drake family is great, too. Very nice people.

It's an excellent little farm; you drive down a long driveway to get to their store, which is a little building, maybe 10'x10'? It's unattended, which is convenient for us, because sometimes we stop by late in the evening, after we go to the gym. They decorate the store with little curtains that match the different seasons or holidays, so it's a fun little store to visit.

Right by the store, they have a pen with goats in it, and a little bench, so you can watch the goats do funny goat things. I don't know what the seasons for kids are, but this past year, they usually had kids (and a few mamas) in the pen by the store. The kids are very cute.

A couple times, they've been out of raw milk when we come by for it; when this happens, we call them. They bring more fresh raw milk out for us, right then. They're very friendly.

We used to buy eggs from them, too, but now we have our own chickens, so we don't anymore. Their eggs taste delicious and they are very good--they have dark yolks and the whites are not runny. If you stop by during the day, it's not uncommon to see the chickens out walking around.

Very highly recommended.

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LOVE Drake Farm
By: Julie laTendresse    (Apr 3, 2009)

I love the goats, I love the milk and I love that I can get it raw. The yogurt is delicious as well as the cheese. I haven't tried the ice cream yet, but SOON! HIGHLY recommended!

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