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Great customer service
By: Sarah Scorza    (Nov 18, 2009)

I recently purchased a share in the Garmon Family Farm's grass fed beef CSA, and I have been extremely impressed with the customer service so far. Corrina responded almost instantly to all of my emails and patiently answered each of my questions. Can't wait to try the meat when it's ready in December!

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Good products, but not the greatest service
By: Sam Johnson    (Aug 4, 2009)

Garmon Family Farm usually has pretty good products. There have been some times that I've been a bit disappointed in the produce, but it was usually nothing major. Most of the time I've been quite satisfied. The service, however, is another matter. If you send Corinna Garmon an e-mail and ask her a question, there's a good chance you'll never get a response back. She often responds, but then again a lot of times she doesn't. I know that she gets a ton of e-mail, but that's really no excuse. In addition, sometimes she will forget to bring things that you've requested to the farmers' market. She may say "Sorry," but she will never do anything to make it up to you, the way a really conscientious merchant will.

So, I have mixed feelings about Garmon Family Farm. I've enjoyed a lot of Ms. Garmon's products, but her service is definitely not the greatest. Of course, I've dealt with farmers whose service has been much worse, so in many ways Corinna is really not that bad. But in my experience she's just not someone that you can consistently depend on.

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says:    (Aug 5, 2009)

Sam , .here's an idea for you...go shop at publix or Kroger, even Walmart. Better yet quit bitching and grow your own...that will open your eyes to many things you just don't appreciate.

Larry & Corinna Garmon says:    (Aug 18, 2009)

I have no idea who Sam Johnson is. I just searched my email and no emails came up from Sam Johnson. I have never received any pre-orders from him. I am shocked that he did not complain directly to me at market. I sorry he was disappointed but please remember that what we list on the Newsletter is a projection of what we hope to have. This very often changes on harvest day - bugs or deer got into the fields, too much rain, ran out of time to harvest, etc.... If you want a greater appreciation of what all goes into growing, harvesting, and going to market please feel free to come work on the farm for a few days. I think you'd have a better understanding of what we go through. Please make sure you email me directly with any requests at If you are emailing the spruillmarket address it's no wonder I didn't get them since the Market Manager answers those emails.

Chaney Billips says:    (Oct 19, 2009)

Hey Corinna!! I was looking up other farms like we talked about to find what I was looking for and I found Sam Johnson on another farm's review... saying the EXACT same review as yours... I think Sam gets bored and just types stuff. He needs a new hobby! Anyway, I just wanted to let potential visitors to your farm know that your not any of those things that he was saying. I'm going to contact you soon to pick your brains about some info I found... :)