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Fruit, fruit, fruit!
By: Steve Schnell    (Jan 18, 2010)

We'd known about North Star orchard through their stand at the Emmaus market, and so we jumped at the chance to join their fruit share through our CSA (Quiet Creek). We've belonged for two years and have signed up for a third. The fruit is fantastic, and you always get multiple interesting varieties of the pears, apples, peaches, plums, and Asian pears. I never liked Asian pears before, but then I had never had one of North Star's remarkable fruits - wow!. I only regret that the season never runs long enough to get their amazing Gold Rush apples.

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I'm in for the duration.....
By: Wayne Hall    (Nov 16, 2009)

2009 was our first time doing the fruit share and as long as North Star Orchards offers us the opportunity for continued participation we'll jump on the fruit wagon, so to speak... We really, really enjoyed everything item we received. The number of varieties was amazing and every type of fruit we got was fresh and tasty. The weekly e-mails with information on the fruit and the best time to enjoy it helped us get familiar with everything quickly. North Star's communications were timely, accurate and honest as it relates to what expect any given week. The volume of fruit was such we were able to share with another family member and still just finish what we had by next market visit. We looked forward to Saturday mornings at West Chester Growers market and used the visit to get other veggies, honey, bread and such. It's a great deal and my wife & I heartily recommend it!

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Great Fruit! Nice People! What's Not To Love?
By: Karen Allum    (Nov 3, 2009)

Before this year, I had never participated in a CSA. North Star Orchard's 2009 Fruit Share was fabulous! I got to experience Asian pears for the first time...yumm. I am a fruit nut, so I tried everything...and it was all so good. The quality was unbelievable. The apples were big and juicy, some tart, some sweet. The peach jam was to die for. The North Star folks were friendly and always helpful. Phoenixville Farmer's Market (my pick up place) was a blast with multiple vendors, music, etc. I will do this again next year!

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This is the place for quality and variety
By:    (Sep 15, 2008)

As a first-year subscriber, I was unsure what to expect-- perhaps lots of zucchini! Boy, was I in for a surprise. North Brook provides an amazing variety of veggies, with something new almost every week. The recipes are really wonderful too. Fruit is equally varied and delicious. The pickup point is really organized, clean and friendly. When I've been on vacation, I've "donated" my share to friends, all of whom have been so impressed that they will become members next year. First rate.

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By: Jen Galfano    (Sep 13, 2008)

I am so happy that I signed up to get a fruit share from North Star Orchard. They have fabulous fruits in varieties that I have never tried before. Everything has been excellent and I look forward each week to picking up my share.

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fabulous fruit
By: Lisa    (Sep 12, 2008)

We pick up a fruit share from North Star Orchard at our CSA. This fruit is a revelation, no kidding. I was never particularly interested in most fruits, given what you can get in the grocery I can't wait to get each week's share, and I'm even more eager to eat it! The orchard's newsletter is also terrific, I really appreciate the overview of what's in the share, how to handle it once it's home, and what's happening in the environment that it comes from. What a wonderful experience all around!

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Best Fruit Ever ...
By: Amanda Brush    (Sep 12, 2008)

My CSA, Pennypack Farm, added a subscription fruit share from North Star Orchard this year. What a pleasure it has been! The fruit has been extraordinarily delicious, and every week I look forward to discovering what new delights are included in the bag. I also look forward to the weekly note from the farmers, about the fruit included in the week's assortment and some general news from their orchard. My two-person household splits the share with another two-person household and the quantity has been generous. I know we sent a check back at the beginning, but the experience has come to feel as if we are getting a gift each week from friends.

Amanda Brush Willow Grove, Pa

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Gorgeous produce!
By: Gaye Buchanan    (Sep 12, 2008)

After belonging to the Fruit Explorers club a couple of years ago and then missing the Asian Pears last year, I was determined to sign up again in 2008. I was thrilled to learn that Ike and Lisa had found a farm to start a veggie CSA this year. I must say that my favorite part of this endeavor is the beauty of their produce. Everything tastes rich and ripe, but it also looks picture perfect. I love to cook and serve beautiful food and this is some of the best I've found anywhere - and it gets picked the morning of my pickup day. How can food get any better than that? My children love going with me to select and package the veggies and fruit so they can have a "farm fresh" treat. I rave about them to all my friends. You should seriously consider joining!

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