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Best-looking vegetables I've ever seen
By: Shannon M    (Jan 3, 2010)

The vegetables they send are just gorgeous. Fresh, flavorful and huge. Paula is a sweetie and so easy to deal with. And having it delivered is so convenient, beats fighting the crowds at the Farmer's Market any day.

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Wonderful Experience!
By: Catharin Dalpino    (Dec 7, 2009)

This was our first year with Karl's Farm CSA and it exceeded my wildest expectations. Each week's basket had a variety of vegetables, always fresh and crisp, some I had never seen before (despite thirty years as a dedicated foodie). It was a learning experience on several levels, all of them positive. Vegetables bought at even the high end gourmet and produce shops can't compare to the taste, fragrance and texture of veggies harvested that day. My son saw what radishes, carrots and scallions look like when they come straight out of the ground.

I have always been a venturesome cook but the CSA pushed me to expand my repertoire almost every week. I learned to love bitter greens. I changed my mind about cabbage - a vehement childhood dislike - and tested "new" veggies like tatsoi in the saute pan and the salad bowl.

Karl and Paula are wonderful partners for the urban cook. They are very responsive, prompt and have really contributed to the educational experience. Every week I have tried at least one receipe on the information sheet, many of which are quite cutting edge. Last summer Paula gave us a receipe for vinagrette made from carrot tops. Last week on "Top Chef" one of the of the contestants made a green sauce from carrot tops that was highly praised - one judge said he had never heard of it.

Lastly, the option for home delivery is a godsend. As a single working mother I would never have made it to the pickup point twenty-eight weeks in a row, no matter how much I would have wanted to. It was great to have a basket of vegetables at my door every week and, to be honest, there were weeks I was glad that Paula was the one who had to deal with rush hour traffic or rain instead of me!

Karl's Farm CSA gets five stars-plus from us. We will be re-upping our subscription and can't wait for next year.

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great for city dwellers
By: Amy Carlile    (Dec 7, 2009)

We chose to buy a CSA share from Karl's Farm because they deliver, and the convenience was great. But so was the service -- Karl and Paula are prompt, courteous and communicative. A half-share was plenty for two people and we loved the variety. They also include recipes and helpful tips for handling your share.

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Don't buy from them!
By: Tanya Wyatt    (Dec 7, 2009)

We bought a half share and were extremely disappointed in the quality and quantity of the produce. We would get about 8 things that were wilted and scrawny. Besides that though the service was terrible. Our building is secure with a receptionist and rather than waiting a few minutes to leave our delivery inside, the people delivering would leave our basket on the public sidewalk. Because of these problems, I asked about cancelling our winter share. They offered to help me sell it to someone else, which I asked them to do. Rather than writing to tell me that they had not managed to sell it, they pocketed the money and nevered delivered anything. I'm sure there are a lot better CSAs in the area - avoid this one!

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