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Second week of harvest for 2011
By: David Crabtree    (May 9, 2011)

Harvesting has begun and the greens are outstanding. I had so much greens I couldn't eat them all and had to share them with a neighbor. Great start for the season. Some of the greens are being sold at 14 Carrot Whole Foods.

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Returning Customer for Third Year
By: David Crabtree    (Apr 20, 2011)

I am returning to Round River Farm for the third year. I look for this to be the best year yet. A high fence has been put up to keep the deer and other animals out of the crops. Two whole rows of new boxes have been added and more vegetables are being grown. I am volunteering time to decrease my cost for the season. Plants are growing and it won't be long until the first harvest. Organic food is always better than food that has toxic chemicals and fertilizers that harm your body and health. If a vegetable does not look perfect it is because it has not been sprayed with poisoness chemicals. Organic produce always tastes better and is better for your body. You can reduce your price of your share by volunteering hours of work on the farm like I am doing. I am excited to learn how the farm operates. I can't wait until the first harvest.

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happy repeat customer
By: South Carolina Mom    (Jul 23, 2010)

This is our second year to participate in the Round River Farms CSA program. Each week, I love getting my share because everything is so fresh, and it's always a surprise as to what new item will pop up. This week I received edamame, 4 varieties of tomatoes, 3 varieties of peppers, rainbow chard, cucumber, basil and thyme- and I know I'm forgetting some other things. And next week, I'll have a totally different basket. The variety of items received is just one reason we love this CSA.

Sometimes there will be an abundance of items from one week to the next, which I don't mind because it gives me the opportunity to be creative in the kitchen and prepare foods that can be frozen for later enjoyment. Basil Pesto in the dead of winter anyone???? Yes please!

The folks who run RRF and distribute the food are kind and take pride in producing quality, organic produce for their community. If I have one criticism, it would be that the food is so fresh and ripe that it needs to be eaten pretty soon after receiving. But wait, maybe that's not a criticism after all.

Last year we continued to receive produce well past the estimated close day, which was such a bonus.

We highly recommend Round River Farms CSA.

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Have been in better CSA's
By:    (Jun 2, 2010)

Was truly disappointed in this CSA, quanity and diversity. Kept waiting thinking as Summer produced more, there would be more diversity and quanity. Mostly Kale, peas, sage. Would not join this CSA again, compared to the one I belomged to the year before.

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Lundy Pixton says:    (Mar 6, 2011)

After only 3 weeks of deliveries can one make such a judgment based on a 20- 24 week season? Give it a little time for the seasonal variety to change. Change happens slowly over the course of the season and the first 3 weeks of deliveries are spring items, mostly greens, green onions, etc..., summer hasn't even started yet to get to the other stuff.

David Crabtree says:    (Apr 20, 2011)

I did not find this to be true. It was a long season that lasted nearly 7 months. Food items changed according to weather conditions and the season. I had plenty of food to eat and shared some with my neighbors. There are certain vegetables that will not grow when the outdoor heat is too high. Weather is not controled by man. One also has to remember that organic vegetables are not perfect because they are not sprayed with toxic chemicals and planted in toxic fertilizers like many of the other farms. Their produce many looki pretty but come with toxins in them which end up in your body and have a major effect upon your body.