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Organic Farmers
By: Jean Lynch    (Feb 16, 2013)

So glad to know you are growing organic produce. Please keep us posted as to where we can purchase your produce and what you have available. We are thankful for organic produce farmers.

Lord Bless, Larry & Jean

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Nutrient Dense Produce at Gibbons Farm
By: Rich Dykstra    (Dec 12, 2011)

It is clear from the dedication and hard work that Brenda & Jim put into their operation that they are from the "old school" of farming. Honesty, integrity and hard work makes the vegetables grow, not chemicals and fungicides. Their lettuces, swiss chard look and taste wonderful...better than ours, and we're farmers, too (from Michigan)! We only buy our produce from Gibbons. Can't wait for the heirloom tomatoes to ripen!

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Great farm
By: Joanna Huffman    (Sep 30, 2008)

I recently met Brenda Gibbons and had the pleasure to buy her produce. IT WAS FANTASTIC! Granted she didn't have a lot of variety at the time (due to previous hurricane and the deluge of T.S. Faye), what Brenda did have was truly impressive. She had some tropical varieties of foods that I'd not been exposed to before. The FLAVOR was robust as well as subtle - it just TASTED ORGANIC! Now that I have a local organic farmer that I can patronize, I plan on doing as much shopping with Gibbons Farm as possible.

I also had a nice conversation with Brenda and know that her intentions are true, and the farm runs in a traditional and organic manner.

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