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Kitty Heaven
By: Cynthia OBrien    (May 27, 2010)

My three kitties love, love, love this mix and it really does grow quickly. I've got six pots and I prepare 3 at a time. When the grass is nearing the end of its yummy tastiness, I start the other three so that by the time the first pots are done, I've got 3 fresh pots to take their place. I used to buy organic grass at my local pet store and it was fine, but it was of a single variety and the pots were so small! I use 6" plastic pots and my kitties bury their little faces in themt while they chomp away. One thing to note is to put the plastic pots into heavier ceramic ones or just use heavy ceramic pots to begin with because my kitties get a little carried away and when I used plastic pots alone, they knocked them over in their enthusiasm - lol!

To close, I highly recommend this blend for a tasty treat for your cat(s).

Cynthia O'Brien San Francisco, CA

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What an amazing experience!!
By:    (Feb 7, 2010)

I just wanted to let you know I got the peach tree seeds I ordered from you. Firstly, the package was wonderful! Full of information and beautiful decorations. I loved the card you sent with the message in it, as well as the pictures on the outside of the package itself. What a beautiful way to send someone something!! I will definitely recommend your farm to everyone I know who is looking to purchase seeds, etc. I also wanted to thank you so much for sending extra seeds. Wow, that was so thoughtful and kind. I know I'd written that I have never planted trees before - so having a few extras will be such a help! You are one of a kind, and I hope your farm keeps up the amazing work! Thanks for the offer of help, as well, I will contact you if I have any questions. I want to make sure these trees succeed. =) Thanks again!


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Your newest fan: Nebby!
By: Lisa W    (Jan 29, 2010)

I received my pet grass seed order and I appreciated all of the care put into the packaging. The lovely note, instructions, business card in case of questions and complimentary catnip package was a very nice surprise. The presentation exceeded my expectations.

Before I opened the envelope my cat Nebby was pawing at the closed envelope so I could see already she would be thrilled with the treats inside. Since she enjoyed the idea of the catnip so much I placed an order for one of the cute handmade toys available.

I am very glad to support this farm and its efforts!

Sincerely, Lisa

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Awesome Catnip!
By: CAROLYN W. DONALDSON    (Jan 6, 2010)

Dear Ericka, Just wanted to let you know that the HUGE shipment of your rdinary catnip showed up today and my kitty Bob was very excited. He loves to eat your catnip and demanded some as soon as I got home. When I opened the box the aroma was so heady I almost got a buzz from it! I sprinkled some on Bob's food and he loved it and wanted more. I gave him a couple of the buds and he ate those too. Then he rolled in the crumbs and went to sleep in his favorite chair. I'm going to send you a picture of a very happy Bob dreaming of your awesome catnip - and even wearing a bit of it. Thank you for such an awesome product and the friendly notes and email. It was very cool how you personalized your Christmas card with stickers. Such sweet kitties! I'll be buying again from you when Bob munches his way through all the yummy catnip. Have a great 2010! Carol

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Fantastic sunflowers
By: Peter Barabas    (Sep 30, 2009)

We live in Utah and have a very small garden plot in a community garden. Thanks to the quality seeds, the sunflowers granted us - total newbies to gardening - with an instant reward and joy. We just harvested and dried the seeds, I've got literally thousands of seeds out of 50 that I received (which was 2 times more than what I bargained for). The seeds came quickly in a very personal little package and when I emailed to thank, I got an instant and personal reply. I just want to express my appreciation for the way Catnip Farm is doing business which is both high-quality and very human.

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The only thing that keeps Pea away from the bunny's hay.
By: Ivo Steijn    (Apr 25, 2009)

Well, I really have only one thing to say and that's... YOU ROCK!

The package arrived today and I was tickled to see all the lovely effort & attention you put into your shipment. Makes me feel like my order, small as it was, is important. I'll definitely be back... your glowing service is so very much appreciated. The great prices, superb information available, and seamless ease of ordering were icing on the cake!

I've never grown cat grass except for a tiny batch (and I DO mean TINY - maybe 12 seeds) that I got a few months ago. My cats loved it, so of course, I had to find more. Sweet Pea had been eating (and, uh, "reproducing") the hay that creeps out from between the bars of my rabbit's cage, so the cat grass is a welcome deterrent.

I've just finished planting the first batch of your Organic 4 Grain Mix . Pea is eyeballing it -- surely waiting for the first hint of a green blade to surface. I shall have to build a fortress around it until it's ready for her to have a go.

Anyway, thanks again for everything!

Kind regards, Sandi (and Fee, Sweet Pea, Earl, Pooters and Bunneh)

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By: Sydney J Geikler    (Feb 27, 2009)

We got your catnip today, and WOW is it a hit! You have a new dedicated customer, our Siamese Chao Fa! He went NUTZOID when he caught the first whiff of it. I mean, crazy. He loves catnip, and he has never had such good stuff. Thanks so much for providing such a quality product, and organic, so Mommy doesn't have to fret over bad stuff being in there. We'll be back! In the meantime, I'm going to send you a picture of your latest and now biggest fan. Thanks and take care, I'll be recommending you to my cat-loving buddies. Best, Sydney G and Chao Fa Blacksburg, Virginia

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Mr. Nipster mini sacks
By: Barbara    (Feb 27, 2009)

I ordered a collection of Mr. Nipster mini-sacks last year and they made such a hit with my 3 cats that I re-ordered and gave multiples as Christmas presents to friends who say their cats were as thrilled with the toys as mine were. These mouse-sized toys are extraordinary! I've got catnip in my own garden and my cats are sometimes enthralled with it green, roll over on it, chew it, but are just as likely to walk right on past. They never walk past these Mr. Nipster toys. The catnip in the mini-sacks is a sure-fire attention-getter. These toys don't usually get "lost", because the cats keep dragging them out to play with them again and again. The fabric for each sack is special too -- obviously chosen with great care, many have cat designs on them and all are attractive. Recommended.

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