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Took time and care!!
By: Jamie Stephens    (Feb 2, 2009)

My seeds arrived and I found that time was actually taken to write me a little note and to decorate the envelope. That's awesome!! It shows that they really love what they're doing over at the catnip farm. I highly recommend them!!

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Ivo Steijn says:    (Apr 24, 2009)

TOTALLY agree! I just opened my package as well and was thoroughly impressed with the time Catnip Farms took with the packaging. LOVE them!

grass seeds
By: Brandon Anderson    (Jan 23, 2009)

Great place to get your wheat grass seeds for your critters. I grow it for my little hens........they love this plus it makes them lay lots of eggs........they started laying eggs in December up to 3 a day. Not bad for 5 year olds.......Great quality and fast service. Will continue to order again and again

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By: Donna Boguslav    (Jan 9, 2009)

Just to let you know your wonderful Catnip has arrived!! This is REALLY Top Shelf goods! The fragrance is so fresh that I feel I am in a meadow of summer catnip...and this is winter in New York City. The kitties are loud in their chorus of Five Star feline approval. I will never buy that dried out catnip dust they sell in pet supply stores again. Thanks so much and best of times to you and your furry "testers."

Donna Boguslav

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Awesome Kitty Grass
By: Karen Gaylin    (Dec 31, 2008)

Our cats, Oscar, Vanessa and Darcy adore your grass. I purchased the seeds just before Christmas and planted them a week ago. They sprouted in about 5 days and the cats wanted to nibble the tiny shoots right away. We had to keep the pot behind closed doors to let the grass grow a little taller. In the past, I have purchased pots from Whole Foods, but our cats like your grass much more. Thank you for making them so happy. I look forward to trying out other Catnip Farm products.

Happy New Year!

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Five Stars, Five Purrs
By: James Wheat    (Dec 13, 2008)

Howdy, Ericka...

You weren't kidding about your Mister 'Nipster catnip being potent! Smokey, the cat, smelled it before I even opened the well-sealed Priority Mail box.

I've been growing catnip for over 20 years, and your Mister 'Nipster catnip is more aromatic and far-reaching than the species I grow.

Five stars, and five purrs, for Mister 'Nipster!

Regards, Smokey & Jim

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Best Catnip on the Planet
By: howard ferguson    (Nov 26, 2008)

Hi Ericka, I received my order yesterday and both cat and myself are very happy. Many thanks for all the extras..... My goodness! The very best catnip toys in my lifetime. I hadn't taken them out of the baggie yet and put the baggie on a table. My cat immediately started to plot a course to get up onto the table. I was amazed at how quickly it got to her. It must be potent stuff. She loves it. And I like the cat things on the sacks. You make the best catnip toys in the world. I will plant the seeds soon.

thanks again from Howard and Leona ---

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Best catnip ever!!
By: Delores Green    (Nov 3, 2008)

We love your products. All five cats have had such fun with the toys. This is the best smelling catnip ever! It is so fresh and sweet smelling! The toys are well made and long lasting! Also the kitty greens are wonderful. I feel so good about giving my cats quality, grown with love, items and I will certainly be ordering again soon. Keep up the good work!! Thanks so much, Delores and Ronny Green, Little Bit, BB, Lucky, Skiddy and Baby from: Green Meadows Farm, Monticello, FL 32344

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Top Rate
By: STEVEN M FRIEDMAN    (Nov 1, 2008)

I've just received the toys, kittygreens and catnip seeds from you. As for the grass and 'nip seeds, "time will tell". As for your toys ( Mr. Nipsters & the big heart-shaped toy ), my cat deems them an instant Big Hit ! And I thank you for the extra Nipster toy plus the extra catnip seeds... I like farms, farmers, cats, catnip toys and catnip. I live in the city, but I've farmed and will farm again. I also make catnip toys, and when I see one on the internet that intrigues me, I buy it and "check it out ". I also resell catnip toys - not on the internet, but to the Bricks & Mortar pet supplies store that I work for... my Day Job.

I'm saying Thanks for some great products from you. Great catnip inside, and I'm really impressed-with the quality of your crafting... the sewing as well as the packaging and labeling. Your sewn-in tags are really nice, and I hope they steer business your way !

Thanks for your Quality Products that deliver more that promised !

Steve Friedman Berkeley, Ca.

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