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Sinfully Healthy
By: Jean Black    (Feb 3, 2012)

Being a nurse practitioner, I do a lot of nutritional counseling. Our bodies require natural forms of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Since the food we buy from the grocery stores is grown/raised an average of 3000 miles from communities, obtaining fresh, natural food, devoid of the chemicals necessary to get that food to market, is literally impossible. Our bodies do not know how to metabolize the chemicals contained in food we buy from a shelf. These chemicals are largely responsible for this Country's health status. I tell my patients to work to consume food that is natural and fresh and in Season (NO strawberries in December, unless you picked them from your garden the Spring before). I am privileged to enjoy the pork offered by Copper Hill Farms. Few of us know the true flavors of absolutely fresh, natural food, so give yourself the taste treat of your life and fry a couple of chops in olive oil, salt and pepper, adding a lovely sprinkle of fresh rosemary! Something that delectable cannot be healthy, but, guess what!?! IT IS!!

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You'll never look back...
By: Sarah Breinich    (Feb 2, 2012)

We ordered pork from Copper Hill Farms for this first time this past fall and man, were we glad! Every bit of it has been wonderful and we LOVE (did I say love!?) the bacon! We are all out of it now and can't wait for spring because I simply can't bring myself to buy bacon from the grocery store anymore. I'm totally spoiled! I'd never had ham steaks before getting them from Bill and they are really good. AND, you are supporting a local farmer who takes great care of his animals. Happy, healthy livestock makes for a healthier you! Our family definitely recommends Copper Hill Farms. :-)

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Copper Hill Farms Pork
By: Candace Coffin    (Feb 2, 2012)

My husband and I purchased a half of hog from Copper Hill Farms for the first time. We were amazed at how GOOD the meat was. Succulent, full of taste and cuts I had never had before. The bacon is the best I have ever had. We like it so much that I cook extra and we have "meat candy" when we're hankering for something. The hamsteaks are fabulous. We are on the list for more pork this year. Also, Copper Hill Farms raises a heritage breed of hogs and this may be why their pork is truly top shelf!!

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Awesome Pork!
By: Lorna Wanner    (Feb 2, 2012)

We're currently enjoying our third order of pork from Copper Hill Farms. Pork from happy, healthy pigs raised in the sunshine and fresh air is amazingly tasty. It's also easier on your conscience. Previously we bought pork at the supermarket, where it is lean (dry when cooked) and almost white (tasteless). By contrast, Copper Hill Farms' pork is healthily fatty, moist when cooked, and has a beautiful, rich color and taste. At our house, everyone loves it, from the toddler to the teenagers and adults. Some prefer the sausage, some prefer the bacon, and some prefer the chops and roasts, but honestly, it's all delicious!

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