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Great food, terrific people
By: Rusty Wigg    (Jan 24, 2011)

When I met Liz and Matt, I had always wanted to belong to a farm, so joined immediately. They take such care of their land, planning crop rotations, and planting to extend the season as long as possible, that it is a pleasure to be part of Muddy Fingers. I have eaten all kinds of familiar and unfamiliar vegetables - tomatoes and potatoes of all colors, carrots, a wonderful variety of leafy greens (with plenty of help with receipes) and been introduced to garlic scapes which make fantastic pesto. I also enjoy the "community" events, where we meet at the farm and get to know our fellow CSA members. All-in-all a fine experience.

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Fantastic CSA!
By: Laurie    (Aug 5, 2008)

Muddy Fingers is our first experience with a CSA and it's been a real pleasure! Liz is extremely accommodating, even calling when we manage to forget to pick up our share, which happens sometimes. The shares are large and include a great variety, including many familiar and well-loved favorites (fresh lettuces, big basil bunches, snap peas) and some that are more rare in our household (such as garlic greens, radicchio, and beets). We're getting a great education in making new dishes from what's seasonal and enjoying the lovely, fresh produce. There's so much from one share that my husband and I often have to share with our two houserabbits, who don't mind that a bit. We especially look forward to spending some time at the farm; our travels this summer haven't allowed for that up to now, but Liz and Matthew have been very welcoming and invited the CSA members often.

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A Wonderful CSA
By: Danielle    (May 15, 2008)

My family has purchased a Muddy Fingers share for going on three years now, and it has been a wonderful experience. Liz and Matthew are friendly and approachable, and the produce quality is generally quite high. When there have been crop failures (and it happens to every CSA at some point), we've still received a fair share of vegetables and a good sense of what went wrong. My son loves visiting the farm, and the "pick-your-own" concept is an excellent way to build community and a sense of what it takes to get the food to your table. The shares are generous, and always have a good variety (although the shoulders of the season can be heavy on greens). We've also been introduced to new foods and varieties.

if you're thinking of joining, I encourage you to give Muddy Fingers a try!

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