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Great Stuff!
By: Leslie Holladay    (Aug 27, 2010)

I've had this product about a week and it is great! Hight quality. It comes in a nice screw-top tin and is a nice hard cake of balm. I've had it about a week. I just take it out and rub it directly onto my dog Boudreaux's pads (he's a Schipperke) he lays on his back and holds his feet up. My Pomeranian, Button, is eleven yrs old and has that crunchy nose condition going on; his poor nose actually cracks at the edges. Vaseline and mineral oil haven't done much. I scrape some of the Heal My Paws balm off the cake and rub it between my fingers until it is warm and soft, and then rub it into his the skin of his nose. Button doesn't like that part much better, but I have noticed that his nose it getting - and staying - softer. p.s. this is also great cuticle cream! I'm going to order the Heal My Hands (unscented - thank you! that's hard to find) today, and a Heal My Paws plus a refill for a for a kid in the dept where I work. He and his fiance' are very active, and like to hike and rock climb, and have a dog. When I saw "dog booties" on their REI wedding gift registration, I knew exactly what they were getting from me for their wedding gift! Booties and Heal My Paws! Thanks for a great product - Leslie

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