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Excited for 2014
By: Paul Carter    (Mar 29, 2014)

ZJ Farms is my favorite CSA in NE Iowa, CR and IC. Susan is recognized around the region and encourages education in Your Food choices. Can't wait for our Summer shares to commence! Paul C and Julia R-C

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We LOVE Local Harvest/ZJ Farm
By: Susan Futrell    (Mar 30, 2012)

We have been members of Local Harvest/ZJ Farm for several years, and love it. Susan is so knowledgeable, the produce is fantastic, and the shares are bountiful, always plenty to choose, and new things to try. We also value SO much the commitment to community and education that Susan and her crew bring to the CSA--the annual potluck, the weekly newsletter and recipes, and the chance to visit the farm are all wonderful. All of that is in addition to their longtime involvement with Local Food Connection, providing volunteer opportunities and shares for many people who might not otherwise experience the benefits of a CSA. We feel like our share payment is a bargain--it buys us great produce, supports a local sustainable farm, and supports community education and service too. Hooray for Local Harvest/ZJ Farms--you won't be disappointed! Sue F. and Will J.

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Abundance on Many Levels
By: Lynette Richards    (Mar 27, 2012)

Being a part of the CSA at ZJ Farms is one of the best parts of my life! One, I am a farm girl at heart and I love the taste of all of the fresh vegetables. Two, I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the pick up times when I get to meet all the customers who arrive to pick up their shares.These first two points are more universal and cover a lot of the reasons that people are members of a CSA. My third reason is more unique....I am the guidance counselor at an at risk high school where over 80% of my students live in poverty. I also live in a neighborhood has a high percenetage of lower income and fixed income elderly residents. This is a core group of the population who do not have the disposable income to purchase fresh, locally grown food. A special partnership has been formed with Susan at ZJ Farms ...I take neighborhood and school volunteers out to the farm on a harvest day to pick and prepare the shares for the drop site. In turn for this, Susan shares the produce that remains at the end of the pick up. ZJ Farms has an incredible attitude of abundance and sharing as they reach out to feed dozens of additional families. Waste is eliminated and many people are served with better nutrition.

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Great veggies and service
By: IAFarmGirl    (Apr 4, 2011)

This will be our 3 year with ZJ farms. We always come home with great produce. I like the variety that we get everyone. Its like Christmas every time we go to the farm to pick up our produce.

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ZJ Farm
By: amy kamin    (Mar 22, 2009)

Great CSA. Wonderful farmer. Sign up!

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