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Thank you!
By: Daniel Cunningham    (Jan 30, 2012)

Mrs. Smalley,

My family and I absolutely LOVED your eggs and salad greens! We have been buying organic free-range and pastured eggs for years, from both big and small operations. None compare to yours. It's Not even close. Now I'm sure you already know this, though. I made poached eggs with a lemon hollandaise and the broccoli and arugula. The most vibrantly orange yolks I have ever seen made for what we all described as one of the best meals we have ever eaten.

I also wanted to thank you for your friendly service even though you were recovering.

Your farm in truly an inspiration and I hope to use similar management practices and environmental stewardship as y'all have on a ranch of my own someday.

Thank you so much. Y'all are doing a great job and your customers are very appreciative!


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