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chemical free grass fed beef.
By: michael paden    (Oct 13, 2014)

my family has been buying beef from Gladhour Farm fro two or three years. there is always good flavor and the Dexter animal is naturally smaller so the portion sizes are more what we need. we are getting ready to order again.

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Best cut of Beef I've had in years
By: michael paden    (Feb 10, 2010)

My wife & I dont eat alot of beef but a few months ago we accuired some of the Gladhour Farm Dexter beef package. Just an assortment of different steaks, roasts, and ground. well we have enjoyed it all, however this past week we had a rolled roast, which we crock potted with vegetables, WOW that was the most tender and suculant piece of meat i have had on my plate, for years. Good Work Gladhour.

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