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Former Intern
By: John Lambrechts    (Jan 24, 2011)

Betsy and Della along with a little help from Gene, Linda and the CSA members create the most nutritious, tasty food.... ever created on earth. This farm is a community in itself. I have never seen a more productive pair of woman in my life! Talk about an inspiration.

I worked for 6 weeks full time as an intern for Betsy and Della and have learned enough in that time to be confident in starting my own garden/small farm. I was lucky to be accepted as an intern and helped during the intensive harvest period along with Mary and Michelle (other interns).

These sisters are the most knowledgeable people in the organic, sustainable food industry on the Western Slope, if not all of Colorado. I am from Chicago and have a dream of owning a small farm. They made that dream a lot more possible. Thanks Betsy, Della, and Gene. I'll be visiting you guys this summer!

Their farm as you know is in a High Altitude Desert region which has notoriously dry and sandy soil. Considering that, their soil is something you'd expect in an organic food fairy tale! It is now a tropical vegetable oasis in every sense of the word(s). Their soil has been constantly improving year after year for FORTY YEARS!Go take a drive over to the farm and sink your hands into their completely luscious soil and you'll instantly realize how these veggies and fruits are so jam packed with flavor! I can't imagine the time it took to build up their soil! Coupled with the intense sun the farm receives at the high altitude throughout the season, this creates in my opinion, the most energetic food on earth. I'd like for someone to prove me wrong. I have been craving their veggies and fruits, I have yet to taste anything better. I drowned myself in Betsy's generous intern portions religiously for 6 weeks and have never felt more wholesome in my entire lifetime.

Joining this Farm will not only make you healthier, but more knowledgeable if you develop a relationship with Betsy, Della, and Gene. They love when their members come out and learn how their food was produced, especially if you keep them thinking with intelligent questions. They're goal is to improve the eating of everyone! Please don't be shy when talking to these wonderful people!

Even if you are from Ouray or Ridgway there are plenty of options for teaming up with other members to get these flavors in your mouth more conveniently.

If you are considering signing up for their CSA program this year and want to learn more. Give them a call or email! Please support these wonderful women.

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