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Beloved Farmer Colleagues
By: Hans Hansen    (Sep 11, 2011)

It's no secret that Brad and Jenny are two of the most dedicated, finest farmer examples and inspiring local food leaders in the state; they have a model CSA to boot. How I ended up in the same neighborhood with them is nothing but fate - I believe there is a reason, I just haven't figure out what it is yet (hah!).

What Brad, Jenny, I (Twin Persimmons Farm) and other local producers share is a huge vision for local agriculture in SE Texas, that the area we serve has room for a lot more farmers than currently exists. What I see, and I believe they see as well, is a very large metropolitan area just beginning to wake up to, and develop a huge apetite for extraordinary quality wholesome food grown close to home.

As a united group of local producers, working co-operatively, as a whole, we create synergy, we are better, and we are stronger. There is a talented group of farmers in SE Texas, all offer something unique and different. Collectively, we add a rich diversity of product variation - this means a more gratifying array of local food choice for you.

Brad and Jenny blazed a trail for the rest of us. For that we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude and love for all their hard work.

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Life Changing Food five stars
By: Ron Perkowski    (Jan 23, 2011)

My 15 year old son and I began to participate in the Home Sweet Farm CSA on the recommendation of a friend. Our first few meals were quite simple, and it was so nutritious and full of vitamins it was like chewing on coffee beans!! Our food intake went down, and we found ourselves craving the HSF food over the pulp and water served at HEB. The prices are terrific, and the food selection good. It lasts for weeks and I do end up giving it away, but NEVER the tomatoes which we eat as a treat, or the red green peppers which taste like a sweet candy. The other other major breakthru for us were the yams, which were a dinner staple in season. He now asks for salad for dinner!!

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Farmers with Integrity
By: Chris Miller    (Jan 21, 2011)

Once upon a time, I put food on the table for my family and thought I did a good job as a mom. I started hearing about the horrors of factory farms, the GMOs being put in our food without adequate testing, mad cow disease and the numerous outbreaks of e.coli, salmonella, etc. I felt helpless and started looking for a better way.

In 2008, I found Brad and Jenny. Not only do they work hard to grow clean and healthy foods for themselves and their extended family (CSA members), they work tirelessly to fight for the rights of the small farmer. They welcome questions, are glad to educate and take pride in providing what they call *righteous food*--and indeed it is. I love it when I pick up my share--the smell of the healthy soil and the taste of the just picked produce. I know this is healthiest way to feed my family.

Over the years, they have included other like-minded small farmers and artisans to provide us with an even more diverse choice of healthy foods such as artisan breads, artisan cheeses, kimchi, eggs, beef products, poultry, Alaskan salmon and more. And, as a CSA member, you can go online and order many of these things to be ready for pickup on Market Days or be delivered to your regular pickup site. If you have any questions, they are quick to answer and try to accommodate any requests.

If you want clean, healthy food--better than organic--that is grown by people who take care of their land and their family, Brad and Jenny will not disappoint. Their food truly is righteously good!

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Finding Home Sweet Farm was a blessing
By: Jennifer Handy    (Feb 23, 2010)

Four years ago, I inherited the pleasure of becoming the CSA coordinator only to find out that my previous farmer was unable to continue with us due to low numbers. After much research and number of emails, the Stufflebeams responded and it was as if all of my prayers were answered. Throughout, I have been a member of the CSA and have loved every minute of it. Whether the shares are small or bountiful on any given week due to Mother Nature, I have come to enjoy every fragrant herb or delicious vegetable that we receive. I have also learned so much from the Stufflebeams in regards the variety of vegetables we receive. In fact, I find myself missing the vegetables during the off season. Can't wait until we start up again.

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GF! no GMO
By: Angela Austin    (Feb 22, 2010)

Great Food! Great Farm! Great Family! Great Folks!

What a blessing! My husband and I have been members from the beginning. We love knowing where our food comes from, how it is grown and what is and is not going in or on the food we choose to eat.

We look forward to the new growing seasons every year and the weekly surprises in each wonderfully delicious and healthy box/share received.

Monthly Market Day at the farm is a huge plus too. It brings a variety of farmers and producers together to further enhance healthy living and eating. On the third Sunday each month we are able to visit with Great Folks and Farmers and stock the pantry and freezer with meat, eggs, dairy, canned goods and additional produce. All this with the piece of mind, knowing where our food is coming from, where its has been, who has handled it and how it was grown or raised.

The Stufflebeam family has been a blessing to the local community and beyond...

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Convienence, and good for you!!!!
By: darrell armentrout    (Feb 21, 2010)

Being a part of Home Sweet Farm's CSA has been wonderful to me and my family! We get fresh, healthy vegetables delivered to us once a week! After many years of eating veggies from the supermarket, I had forgotten what REAL veggies taste like. Not any more! The CSA has brought the farm to our table and we are very grateful for the work Brad and Jenny Stufflebeam do. If you are looking for a way of getting wonderful vegetables, this is the way to go!

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Tastes like my youth
By: Jennifer Armentrout    (Feb 21, 2010)

For the past several years, I have been more and more disenchanted with grocery store vegetables. They tasted bland and had a funky texture to me.

As I began to pay more attention to where my food came from, I started looking into local farmer's markets and found Home Sweet Farm.

The first time I tasted one of their tomatoes and was transplanted back into my grandma's garden, I was hooked. From tasting radishes directly from the ground at the farm to tearing arugula picked that day in my kitchen, we look forward to our weekly delivery.

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Home Sweet Farm
By: Kay Albrecht    (Feb 20, 2010)

I have been a member of Home Sweet Farm's CSA for almost exactly one year and can't imagine being without the many weeks of wonderful, locally grown produce. I am an avid gardener and grow some of my own produce (can you have too many home grown tomatoes??) and still find a way to use every bit of my allotment from the farm.

Half of the fun for a foodie is seeing what is in this week's delivery and then trying to figure out delicious ways to use it all up. I was lucky enough to freeze some of the overabundance and it has almost lasted me through the winter when there were no deliveries.

Going to Market Days has become a family destination event and I wouldn't miss getting the additional delicious resources including eggs, wonderful goat and cows milk cheese, chicken (I even got my Thanksgiving turkey!), and grass fed beef and more.

This is now a way of life...not an experiment. Join up. You'll love it.

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