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The BEST catnip ever!
By: Susan D Martin    (Jul 30, 2014)

I planted these seeds last summer, and they very quickly grew into the largest, healthiest, most aromatic catnip plants I have ever grown. This year the plants are even bigger, with strong healthy stems and lush side growth. Some of them are blooming at the moment; I'll let them go to seed and save the seeds for next year. I grow catnip in a large pot with an old cylindrical bird cage (top and bottom removed) that fits around the outside of the pot. Keeps it safe from the local kitties, although they are welcome to any sprigs that poke through the bars. When I clip this catnip, cats appear out of thin air, and I toss them a few leaves and watch their bliss! It stays bright green and fragrant after it's dried. This really is THE BEST catnip I've ever grown. Do your cat a favor and order some!

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