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Interesting Fruit
By: Mo Alsalibi    (Dec 12, 2014)

I tried this fruit for the first time, its sweet but kind of dry. Tasted better when put in Frig, As texture became more moist. All in all, I liked it. Strangely, received a bit hard to the touch, next day they all were very soft! This fruit seems to ripen fast. Great for pies, Thanks.

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good, very dense
By: Adam D Hurter    (Mar 1, 2012)

I don't like it as much as mamey, but it's delicious in its own right. Very, very thick/rich. It's hard to finish one in one sitting! Tropical fruit lovers should definitely put this on their list to check out.

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Robert Petrucci says:    (Mar 5, 2012)

please tell us which fruit farmer bob

This fruit is awesome.
By: Hugh Tolden    (Jan 15, 2012)

Ever since I was a child I'd seen this fruit in friends and neighbor's gardens. Everyone always told me how wonderful it was yet no one ever took the time to actually introduce me to it, explain how you's eat it or how it's grown.

That all changed last night. I was invited to a friend's home where there in her kitchen, in a small tray, displayed like an offerring to a God, there sat 4 of the most beautiful, golden colored orbed fruit. I immediately recognized it and confirmed my suspision when I question my host.

I guess I made such a big fuss she said that I could have one to take home. When I got home, like a child returning from the candy store I eagerly peeled my treasure and took a bite. I was HOOKED !!!!

The texture and subtle, sweet taste were overwhelming. This is a must try fruit. it is in the Sapote Mamey family and sort of tastes like it just not as sweet, not as meaty and hopefully, if sold in stores not as expensive. FIVE THUMBS UP!!!

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