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Hearty, grows well in extremely adverse conditions,
By: Marilyn Sloper    (Feb 12, 2014)

Last year (summer 2013) I was renting in the city. The only yard space to grow anything was at the end of a long, sloping driveway where plows had pushed the snow and the salt runoff there had accumulated for years. It was far from ideal!

The "Hazel Field Farm" Tomatoes were the only ones which grew well and produced lots of tomatoes in spite of the horrible soil conditions. 90% of all of my other tomatoes - and 100% of every other vegetable planted in that area -died before producing anything at all. Hazel Field, however, grew bushy and gave heavy yields of large, red tomatoes, even though the plants didn't grow higher than 3-4 feet and died off before the first hard frost.

I was very impressed with the strength of these tomato plants to overcome such adversity!

This year I live in the country and am going to plant these again. I can imagine how great they will be when planted in very favorable conditions!

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