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Good orange
By: Lory Widmer Hess    (Feb 27, 2013)

These were tasty oranges, but I wouldn't say of the taste that "there is nothing remotely like it." They tasted like oranges! The flavor was very full though, both sweet and tart, not sour or bitter or bland like bad oranges you get in the store. They arrived in perfect condition, but I wish they had not been coated with a highly toxic fungicide; is this really necessary???

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Pete & Cindy Spyke says:    (Mar 1, 2013)

Lory, Many thanks for your review. I just wanted to clear up the point about the fungicides. We do apply a wax to the fruit, which is necessary to prevent water loss after it has been removed from the tree. The wax is food grade, and is harmless. If we don't have some kind of coating, the fruit would turn soft very quickly, and wouldn't store very long. In the wax, we dissolve a very small amount of material that retards mold. It has no effect on people in any way, and is only on the surface of the fruit -- it doesn't penetrate the skin at all. So, there isn't anything harmful applied to the fruit, either before or after harvest. That's only one reason why we've received so many environmental awards, and go to great lengths to assure our customers that our fruit does not have negative consequences of any kind. Hope you enjoy yours! Pete

unbelievably good
By: Ellen Jefferies    (Feb 18, 2012)

Never tasted an orange this good, and I generally don't even like oranges. Shipping was excellent. Going back to order more!

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