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Lazy Ox Farm
By: cheryl knox    (May 4, 2011)

I chose to order live heirloom tomato and herb plants from Lazy Ox Farm after reading thru many other farm descriptions and prices. I kept going back to their extensive list of offerings, and I liked everything I read. I decided to complete my order with them, exclusively.

They were fabulous to deal with! They are very accessible, very hands on, the variety of plants available were vast and unique, exactly what I was looking for. Once the decision was made, I was very excited to do business with them.

The plants arrived in record time, painstakingly packed and labeled with great care, and they were flawless beauties. I followed their instructions, hardened them off properly, and they continue to do great, growing like the happy little plants they were when they arrived! : )

I will return!!! Thank you so much for adding a dash of excitement to my growing season!

Cheryl Knox Burlington, NC

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