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from: Turnbull Farms

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Not in stock...
By: Philip J Moreland    (Aug 28, 2014)

Well, to be fair, they were in stock but not shipping.

While I appreciate the farms desire to "protect" the eggs, and not ship them during "extreme heat", I believe that it was wrong to leave item on-line during said time, making me believe that my product would ship with no delays. Had I not e-mailed the farm a few days after placing my order I probably would still not have known any better. In my opinion, if you are not willing to ship a purchased item (whatever the reason) in short order, do not take peoples money! It is easy enough to change the status to "out of stock" or "temporarily unavailable due to weather" or a hundred other possibilities, which would allow the consumer to seek out other options. I ordered eggs from two sources within minutes of one another, within 12 hours I received my confirmation and intent to ship notification from the other source. Don't you think it would've been nice to send one out from your farm?

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arrived safely!
By: heather peterson    (Aug 28, 2011)

I ordered eggs from 4 different places at the same time. Yours were the only ones that arrived safely! Your double packing method kept the eggs safe even though the outer box was dented. They are also the only order to arrive without burst, rotten eggs. I was very dissappointed about the others, one hasn't bothered to e-mail me back and another doesn't want to refund. I was disheartened until yours arrived so thanks for renewing my faith in people and I am your faithful customer. Heather

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One very happy old man!!!
By: Dell Thomas    (Aug 16, 2010)

Great eggs! I bought 2 doz. for my 89 year old grandpa they shipped in one week and got there in two days I was impressed, and you made an old man very happy! He got 90% to hatch. We have been trying to get him hatching eggs for months and for some reason or another they never come through. From our family to yours, Thank you!!

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