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White Sapote
By: jericho clark    (Jul 15, 2011)

These are by far my favorite of the sapote family, I have orderd white sapotes last year from another farm, then this year I got a box from FG and they were by far a stronger flavor, very sweet, and the one thing that was interesting was they had a more "real" look to them, the skin was very easy to take off and it seemed to be a more "wildcrafted" version. I will order again from Fresh Gardens next year for sure.


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Robert Petrucci says:    (Sep 28, 2011)

Cathy we appreciate your business and you were shipped a a mixed box of fruit to replace your damaged fruit which will be more then the value.The fruit could have been damaged from the shipping companys mishandeling of it which is out of my control.Sugar apples are also very delilicate due to there nature and we do our best to individually wrap each apple. Also about less value, I was offering you what I felt looked the best right now on the farm it was not about value All the best Farmer Bob