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from: Beck Grove / La Vigne Ent.

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By:    (Oct 23, 2014)

The persimmons arrived in perfect condition and almost ready to eat. I let them sit a few days and am now eating them up at the rate of two a day so they last. I can't get them in the rural area where I live so I was very happy to find LocalHarvest.

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disappointing box of unriope persimmons
By: Lori Hyon Bae    (Oct 13, 2014)

I ordered a large box of persimmons from this farm. And they were still edible, but not fully ripened as I expected. And even after days in room temperature, did not ripen. I emailed the farm, hoping to give them benefit of the doubt, asking if I might be able to reorder a box of persimmons provided they were ripe; wondered if they were more ripe at this time. No answer. I'll look for another farm. Obviously this is their way of saying they don't care much about the customer.

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Lynne Van Dyke says:    (Oct 15, 2014)

Just an FYI....We live about 30+ miles from the farm where you purchased the Persimmons. Ours are just starting to get ripe (Fuyu) and are still at the crisp apple stage. What is nice about Fuyu is that you can use them from the crisp stage until the time they are soft. The crisp ones are perfect for Salsa but if you want to use them for cookies or bread than the soft stage is best. Persimmons have a long ripening stage (6 weeks to 2 months) on the tree, which makes them a great crop.

says:    (Oct 23, 2014)

I think maybe you were expecting them to get soft like the other variety, hachiyas, but the fuyu's are perfect and the best flavor when you can eat them like an apple. When you press on them they just give a little at which time they are ready to eat. Maybe try the other variety next time.

Mark Epstein says:    (Nov 18, 2014)

I've received several boxes of Fuyos from Beck every year, and some arrive harder than others. They send beautiful fruit, very well packaged, and in sturdy boxes. Sometimes they do take a month or more to ripen, but that's the nature of the good quality fruit. In my opinion, if Fuyos are soft, you've let them go too far. To me, they are best when they have the very first bit of give, even less give than a ripe peach. Then, the flavor is great, and the moisture content is perfect. Hachiyas are a LOT more complicated to work with than Fuyos, and these Fuyos are excellent. The boxes I received last month were harder than usual, I'm not sure why, but they are ripening up now. Perhaps they should have stayed on the trees longer.

mmm Persimmons!
By: Tosh Hatch    (Nov 1, 2013)

Ordered some last year because local stores never got any in. So I went in search for my Persimmons addiction. Glad I found this farm. All them arrived safely and all tasted great! Thank you!

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By: Teruaki Moronuki    (Oct 8, 2013)

We ordered these persimmons from this farm last year and were very happy with them. They were not damaged at all in shipping, they had that rich, spicy flavor we love, and we thought they were reasonably priced. We were happy enough with our purchase that this year, we're back for more!

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